the best for Last.

So I’ve decided that unless you are previewing the book you won’t really get to know which chapter these quotes are coming from…you’ll just have to buy the book someday and figure it out for yourself! Prayers for my work on the proposal and the submission process are greatly appreciated!

“Why does dessert come at the end of a meal? Because we like to save the best for last. Why, when we go to a concert, do the bands save their best songs for the encore? Because just when we think the concert is over, they come back out and wow us with their best song. God is the same way. We think creation is over, He has created Adam in His own image, how much better can it get? It seems that the concert of creation is over, God has said His goodbyes, thanks His adoring fan (remember it was only Adam alive at this point) and left the stage. Then He comes back out and gives us an encore we will never forget: He creates woman.”

Two exciting updates:
1. As of last Friday I finished the first draft of the proposal!
2. The page I wrote about last week with information about me speaking at events is now live and can be found under the “Contact” section! Check it out today!

What I’m Listening To:
“Lift Me Up” by The Afters
“Tailgate Blues” by Luke Bryan
“Back To December” by Taylor Swift
“That Way Again” by Lee Brice

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