the after pregnancy Part.

Postpartum life is interesting. Each day has its own set of things to discover, about myself and about my daughter. However, there are some pretty awesome things to postpartum life, too. While I didn't hate being pregnant, I certainly didn't love it as much as I thought I would. Now that its over and our daughter is here, I've been thinking about the top ten coolest things about postpartum life. Sure, I've had to rearrange and reconfigure my wardrobe AGAIN, but it ain't all bad. 10. People don't touch my bump anymore. In this sense, I have my body back. People - strangers and friends alike - don't just come up and start rubbing me. It is awesome. 9. Feet. As in, I can once again see my own feet. Which also means... 8. Shaving. I can finally (and easily) shave my own legs again, which is wonderful because spring is here and skirts are fabulous. 7. Speaking of feet and shaving...bending is also back. Things that fall on the floor are no longer lost causes to me. I can pick up my shampoo bottle off the floor of the shower, I can unload the dishwasher and empty the dryer with 10,000 times more ease than I could at 9 months pregnant. 6. No more kickstand. I can sleep and roll over onto my side as far as I want because I don't have a kickstand/gigantic baby bump to stop me from doing so. 5. Sleep. This could well be a few different benefits, but I'll lump them all into one. I sleep better because I can sleep on my back. I no longer need to be propped up by 3-4 pillows to avoid heartburn (which means that my face is on the same level as my husband's, which is also incredible). I can roll over without having to wake up and grunt to do so. Sure, I don't get as many consecutive hours to sleep, but I'd say that I actually sleep better than I did the last trimester of my pregnancy. When I sleep, I fall hard asleep and cherish those 2-4 hours at a time, and I don't have to worry about crushing my daughter or my daughter crushing my veins/smushing my lungs. It is glorious. 4. No more bumping the bump. You'd think that after growing it for 9 months, I'd have gotten used to the bump, but I kept bumping it/her into things. No more. The bump is shrinking, but I can, once again, fit through doorways and into closets much easier than I could before I gave birth. 3. Yoga pants. Really, need I say more? I don't really fit into my maternity jeans, nor my pre-pregnancy pants, so yoga pants it is. Bliss. 2. My bladder is back. I don't have to pee every hour. I don't have to pee just because I looked at or thought about something liquid. This comes in very handy when I'm feeding our daughter and she keeps eating and eating and won't let Mommy use the loo. It also comes in handy because I can sleep a lot longer without needing to waddle my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 1. I get to hold her. This one basically goes without saying, but that's also why it is number one. Sure, I was physically holding her in my womb, but holding her now, seeing her sweet face hardly compares. Even when I'm exhausted in the middle of the night, knowing that I can see her and comfort her and hold her...well, it makes it all worth it.

What say you, Mommas? What are you favorite things about postpartum life?

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