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I love blogging (duh). There is something wonderful about logging in and writing. I enjoy reading people’s comments and I so enjoy sharing my thoughts on life, love, relationship, being Catholic and the point of life. As much as I truly enjoy going deep (I blame my introverted, highly reflective side), there are times it is good to take a step back and be a little goofy, write a post about something other than my usual thoughts. So, when the wonderful Gina tagged me in this post, I decided to hop on board! Here goes nothing (except hoping that we all learn a little bit more about each other):


1.) The first rule is to post these rules.
2.) Post a photo of yourself then write 11 things about you/your life.
3.) Answer the questions for you set in the original post.
4.) Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5.) Go to their blog/twitter to tell them you have tagged them.

Rules, posted.


Selfie, check. (Taken on my summer vacation, sitting at my favorite place to simple be.)

11 Things About Me/My Life:

1. I’m a lefty. Most people forget that about me!

2. Most people don’t believe me when I say that I’m an introvert. Just because I can be outgoing does not make me an extrovert!

3. One of my life goals is to see every Catholic cathedral in the US before I die.

4. Seattle’s cathedral (St. James) is easily my favorite cathedral that I’ve been to so far. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

5. I admire musicians who write their own songs/lyrics more than those who don’t. You can hear it in the way they sing their songs when they know the story behind them, even if they never reveal that story.

6. I know I’ve said this before, but I never imagined I could call myself a writer, but now it something I simply can’t deny.

7. When it comes to the volume on a TV, radio, or anything that is numbered it has to be on an even number or it will drive me nuts. With the exception of 1-10: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 are good, 5 and 6 are bad. I am weird, and I know it.

8. I have an odd talent for remembering dates (not necessarily birthdays, but more like dates that have had meaning in my life) and license plates numbers.

9. My favorite character from Pooh was always Tigger, though in middle school my best friend told me she didn’t like that we liked all the same thing so I told people my favorite was Piglet, since her favorite was Tigger too.

10. My last name is German for “death star”, which I think is pretty darn fantastic.

11. The first concert I ever went to I actually went to by myself, and I loved it (the concert, not so much the going by myself part, but I did meet some really cool people)!

Questions asked of me:

1-What is your favorite go-to recipe for dinner? If I actually have time to cook (because I can be a bit…lazy when it comes to cooking) then I really enjoy making stuffed shells, or experimenting with chicken.

2-What was your favorite childhood toy? Either my child-size play kitchen or my toy camera (which I still have), you know the ones that made a flash noise, had a velcro strap and you could change the “lens” so it would look purple or red or blue when you looked through it. That thing was COOL.

3-Obviously I like food…so I’m asking another food question: what is your favorite place to eat out that isn’t a chain? Does my grandma’s count, especially if she is making meatloaf? If not then I also enjoy Jim’s Burger Haven or Wishbone.

4-What are your best back-to-school ideas (for both traditional and homeschool) I have no kids…my back to school plan is to not lose my sanity in the chaos of a new school year beginning (mostly because a new school year also means kicking off youth ministry/faith formation classes). Organization is key…in all aspects of my life!

5-Do you ever wonder it would be like to be born in a different era? Most definitely. I frequently wonder what it would have been like to be alive when Christ walked the earth.

6-Favorite thing to watch on Netflix? Army Wives. Every other show I want to watch doesn’t stream online (Criminal Minds!!).

7-What is your most comforting, go-to Bible verse? It honestly depends on why I feel in need of comfort. Hosea 2:16 is my go-to verse. Or the entire book of Song of Songs. Or the entire book of Hosea. 1 Corinthians. Matthew’s Gospel. Have I mentioned that I was a theology major and now I work for the Church? Scripture. Love. It.

8-Another food one: what is the craziest thing you ever ate? Either peacock or alligator. Lately I’ve learned not to ask what is in something until I’ve eaten it!

9-What is one of your family’s favorite things to do together? Play games, board games, or Wii. We get super competitive at Wii!

10-Which state have you never visited, but want to see before you die? Hawaii. New York. I’ve actually been to about 30 states, the list of countries I want to visit is much longer 😉

11-Do you like to read, and what kind of books? Yes! Mostly spiritual/thought-provoking books these days (currently reading: The Imitation of Mary, Three To Get Married, The Crucified Rabbi, and waiting on two more spiritual books to arrive), but I’m also a sucker for Nicholas Sparks books.

My questions for others:

1. What is your favorite thing to blog about, or which post of yours is your favorite?
2. Who is your favorite band at the moment?
3. If you were going to die tomorrow and you could go anywhere before you died, where would you spend your last day on earth?
4. What is your favorite prayer (outside of the Mass)?
5. What song or movie do you turn on at the end of bad day?
6. Which season of the year is your favorite and why?
7. Which liturgical season is your favorite and why?
8. Would you rather be taking pictures or be in the pictures?
9. What is the best deal you ever got on a piece of clothing and what did you buy?
10. What is the best piece of advice/or wisdom you ever heard from your mother?
11. If you could go back in time five years and tell yourself one thing, what would you tell your younger self?

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