summer Insanity.

Here's what our 'summer' has looked like so far (also known as All The Reasons I Haven't Blogged In Two Months):

Pack up our {crummy} apartment in Boise.
Drive to Denver from Boise. 13 hours in two days with two little kids and cars filled with...stuff.
Spend two weeks in Denver (which felt like 2 days).
Fly to Florida. Spend 5.5 weeks living in a dorm room (with two littles!) for our FOCUS training.
Fly back to Denver.

Tomorrow we fly back to Denver. From there we are looking at one or two more trips before we move to Washington state sometime in August.

It has been crazy. And beautiful. I've seen so much, learned so much, and the Father is truly pouring His graces into all the struggles. I can't wait to share them with you!'s a little preview of some posts that are rolling around in my head:

'need' vs. 'want'

how we invest our time and the return we expect/hope for

toddlers and Latin

children as individuals, not just a group of kids

Maybe none of those are exciting to you. Maybe I'm just throwing out ideas so I don't forget them. Either way, I'm excited to get back to blogging! BUT, I also want to know, what do YOU want to know? Anything about missionary life? Our training? How we move around all summer without going insane? What it is like to fundraise your salary with a family? Send me your questions and you may just see them answered on a blog :)

Know of my prayers for you, dear readers! Can't wait to catch up soon!

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