simpler Joys.

simpler Joys.

Since I sat down and attempted to write this blog, I've wiped runny noses, kissed boo-boos, put things away, stopped the baby (can I even call her that anymore?!) from making a jungle gym out of the barstools, and gotten zero writing done.

What I have done, other than the aforementioned list, is taken note of the simple joys my kids find in life. Things like playing tag around the kitchen island, peek a boo, and smiling just because brings a look of pure joy to their faces. Even after I wipe her runny nose, the youngest says "tank you" in that sweet little voice as she starts to figure out new words each day. Who would have thought that having your nose wiped would be a cause for a thank you and a big, bright smile? And yet, there are the smiles.

The days are long and the years are short, but what I've found most astounding lately is the endless reasons my kids find joy in life, in things I often overlook: a new shirt, helping to unload the dishwasher and working together, coloring, pretending that cup holders are holy water fonts, spinning, and more. Each day, it seems, there are new ways for them to find joy, and in turn, for me to find joy in them. The trick then becomes to be more like my kids, to find joy and happiness in simpler things. So often I look for it in bigger ways: a sizable tax refund, getting a steal of a deal on airplane tickets, or nights when I sleep as soundly as my kids (and they sleep soundly too!). Perhaps life would be a bit sweeter if I took a step back from the forest and appreciated the trees, the little things right before my eyes that I often gloss over. Thank goodness, then, that my kids are experts at finding joy in all the little things.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rejoice with the baby who is cheering herself on after figuring out how to put a bracelet on. :)

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