settling in and quick Updates.

settling in and quick Updates.

Since the number 7 is holy and perfect, here's 7 quick updates about life in Idaho, and life in general!


We are starting to settle into our new place in Idaho. Our townhome isn't exactly what I'd have picked, but that's what you get when you rent sight unseen. It took a few days for our stuff to arrive and all three of us caught a stomach bug that lasted our first few days in Idaho. Stomachs are back in working order and nearly every box is unpacked and things are starting to feel more like home. More on the new house and finding home in your environment in another post :)


Baby Mistletoe (a.k.a. baby #2) is a girl! We found out early in August and are so excited that Monkey will have a sister - and so is she!


I was in the grocery store recently and someone asked me if Monkey was a girl, so I said yes. Then this perfect stranger asked if I was pregnant with a boy, so I told him that it was another girl. He said, "what, no boy? Just keep trying." I can't even begin to tell you the number of levels this irked me on. (1) Thanks for your totally unsolicited opinion, perfect stranger. (2) We are perfectly happy and overjoyed for another girl. (3) There is NOTHING wrong with my daughter WHO ISN'T EVEN BORN YET just because she happens to be a girl. Nothing makes my fierce mama come out like implying that there's something wrong with my yet unborn child. (4) So what if we never get a boy? Big deal! (5) I'll try with my husband whenever we and God decide it is time. But let's let this one be born before we can even try again, k? Thanks. (6) We have to try again? So, what, was this a failure because she's a girl?

I'll stop, but you get the point. It is stuff like this and people's comments that make me never want to leave the house while pregnant. A belly is apparently a billboard that says "comment to me whatever you like, I'd love to hear your every last thought on my life choices!"


Missionary life is definitely stretching me - my ability to adjust to last minute schedule changes, talk to people I've never met before (hello, I'm a super introvert!), and really, really let God be the source of my strength through it all. More on that in another blog post :)


Maybe I should have just called this post "seven ideas for blogs I'll write later, but yes, I'm still alive!"

And, yes, I am still alive, still growing another baby, still trying to unpack and make storage space out of thin air. Life is good and God is blessing us through the chaos!


When we were doing our big fundraising push (p.s. there's a blog post coming on fundraising and trusting God when you have to fundraise your salary for your growing family), I told people often that I couldn't have been a missionary fresh out of college. It took years and a lot of experience to open my heart to this calling. However, the first few days in Idaho showed me that I really couldn't have done this missionary thing alone. Props to all of the single missionaries because if it weren't for my husband and daughter being here, I think I would have lost my mind or cried so much that I just quit and went back to Colorado. My husband has been so patient with me and Monkey has been her usual bundle of joy and smiles - quite welcome blessings and comforts with all of the change going on.


While, overall, this pregnancy has had far less nosey comments thus far, I still stick with my original notion of not liking pregnancy. I miss clothes that fit comfortably. I miss bending over, squatting down, or sitting on the floor and being able to get back up on my own. I miss breathing normally, sleeping comfortably, and so many other things. Recently in adoration I was praying through this, talking to God about how I don't like pregnancy and it was as if I heard Him say, "I didn't like the cross, but that brought life. All I'm asking is the same of you."

And, yes, there's a blog post coming about that, too.

Quick updates for now, and more normal blog posts soon as we find our routine and hopefully get some kind of schedule down. For now, please keep praying for us, for our mission, and for all of the people God is calling us to share His love with!

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