setting goals {january check-in Edition}.

To recap, my goals for January were: -Get over my preconceived notions about pregnancy blogging and blog about my pregnancy, my thoughts – the good, the bad, and the ugly. -Edit the typos in my book and get the cover changed to say Amanda Sloan instead of Amanda Mortus. I’d love to say I’m going to overhaul the book – which I’ve been dreaming of – but I’m trying to be realistic End of the month actual completion rate: 50%. Not too hot. I actually did start blogging about pregnancy more, including the nitty gritty of it all. And there's more of that to come. It feels good, actually, to write it out - better than I thought it would. Writing it out helps me realize that it isn't all bad and that I can look back and laugh at things now. I've still got another 7(ish) weeks to go, so don't think I'm out of the pregnancy blogging groove just yet...though I should probably decide what will happen to the blog when the baby is born. Guest posts? Nothing? A smattering of baby pictures? What do YOU want to see? The other goal: the book. Yea, so it is still in my maiden name. I actually spoke at a Theology on Tap and sold the book under my maiden name. Changing your name once you get married is a long process. In some places it is easier to change than others. For example, my car is still registered under my maiden name, even after two trips to the DMV (the amount of paperwork required is insane and I have yet to get the same answer about what they need so I show up with a mound of papers and am somehow still missing something). Facebook? Easy name change. Book? Well, that involves the copyright of the book and the taxes and such, not to mention re-doing the covers and since the computer that I used for all the graphics for the book is, uh, not so functional...the name change just hasn't happened yet. As for the typos, people have sent me ones as they've found them, but again, the book documents are still (in large part) on the computer that is currently unplugged and in pieces in what I call "the room where things go to die", so I haven't even fixed the typos yet. Perhaps - and hopefully - I'll at least get the typos done by the end of next month. The graphics are another story and depend entirely upon a graphics program I can actually use AND finding the original files, so who knows. It would be really nice to have the book in my married name though, not going to lie. Next up: February. -Prepare for Monkey, finish setting up the nursery -Finish reading an entire novel (I’ve currently started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so there’s hope) I've already made a fair amount of progress on both of those things, so there is hope! Once the nursery is done, would you be interested in reading/seeing a post on what it looks like? I can never quite decide who actually reads those, or if it is just Pinterest-happy people like me :)

How are your goals/resolutions going so far? I'd love to hear from you!

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