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For no real reason at all, I want to center today’s post.

I thought about making Fridays the day where I join Jennifer Fulwiler, over at Conversion Diary in her weekly Quick Takes, and maybe I will, but this week I’m doing my own thing…kind of like quick takes.


I don’t know that I could actually do the quick takes because I don’t know that I’ll have seven things to write about each week. Sometimes it takes all I have just to write 2-3 blog posts in a week.


I’ve also thought about featuring a verse/passage of Scripture and why it has been speaking to me that week. I think it’s a good challenge for me, and forces me to really stay close to the Word, and I’m hoping the benefits of that could be shared here. But then I get lazy and I don’t know if anyone would actually care to read my random ramblings about Scripture anyway. (And who knows how easy it would be for me to start spreading heresy about Scripture? )


I kind of like this format because I don’t really have to flesh out one solid idea and I can kind of spit ball ideas here and be more random (and funny?). This could work. Seriously folks, feed back would be much appreciated. Since I’m in limbo-land with regards to the book (prayer still greatly appreciated), Friday’s are going to be an interesting, and random day, on the blog until I get this all figured out. I do like blogging three times a week though, there’ s something beautiful about the consistency of it.


Holy crap, when did it get to be October? I feel like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year at a beautiful Catholic wedding and now that same couple is preparing for the birth of their first child. My, oh my, how a year flies. moves.>


This week has been a power house week of saints! Monday was the feast day of the marvelous St. Therese of Lisieux, whom I love dearly. She’s half the reason this blog is covered with roses, and the other half is because of St. Rose, my Confirmation saint. It is pretty safe to say I have a thing for roses (in case you didn’t already know that about me). Tuesday was the feast of the Guardian Angels, a great day to remember and thank your for keeping you safe! Then yesterday was the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, who happens to be the patron saint of my great state (Colorado). A great week of saintliness!


I feel like this week has been pure chaos. Sunday night I listed out all of the things that needed to get done this week and nearly as soon as I finished one thing, I added three more to the list. It is weeks like this that remind of the deep need I have for prayer on a regular basis, for daily Mass, for the Word, and for time alone to simply reflect and rest in His arms. Without those things I would simply never survive weeks like this one.


Maybe I do have seven random things to say, though they are quite random. The book is…in need of some prayer lovin’. I’m still excited about it and I still believe in it, but sometimes I’m tired of it. It is kind of like when I wrote my thesis in college, I loved the topic but when it was all said I done I wanted to never speak of it again. I hope I don’t get that way with the book. I think it is just a labor of love that has taken up most of this year and now there’s not much I can do with it except wait, and that’s not something I’m usually very good at. So, prayers, as always, are much appreciated!

Until next time 😉

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