quick takes: the gloves are Off.

Seriously. You can’t say you weren’t warned.


Remember when I said that I don’t like to get all political on here? I actually meant that. Except…my gloves are off. I said it, and I meant it, but sometimes I can change my mind. In case you missed the giant memo, the incessant billboards, the never ending phone calls, and the constant TV commercials, the election is Tuesday. The closer the election gets the more I am actually disgusted and appalled at many things currently happening.

I thoroughly appreciated Thomas Peters’ rant about Joe Biden’s “Practicing Catholic” ad. Thanks be to God that I’m not in the business of judging people’s souls, but man that video will make your blood curdle.

Or how about that bit about voting with our “lady parts“? Seriously Mr. President? I voted like my religious freedom depended on it. I voted with my brain. The one located ABOVE my waistline. (But for the record, I voted as though I actually want to be respected for my lady parts, too.)

Then there is the ad in which voting is compared to losing your virginity. I’m anything but speechless about this one, but I’ll hold my tongue. If you’d like to be utterly disgusted (and dislike the video) feel free to watch it here. If you want to read thoughts about this video from a wonderfully Catholic and honest perspective, check out the Little Catholic Bubble’s post called “A New Low“.

Finally, if I get my stuff together and don’t get totally swept away with complete disgust by the events of the next few days, my post at Ignitum Today on Monday should be all about election stuff. Be sure to check it out.


Judging is a nasty thing. That sounds pretty simple, but it gets so easily forgotten. I could sit here and judge any number of self-professed Catholic politicians. It would be easy. They don’t know me and I don’t know them. But is judging them really the loving thing to do? No way. Think about how it feel to be on the other end of that judging. How do you feel when someone implicitly or explicitly judges you, your faith, or your motives in life? If you are like me, your knee-jerk reaction might be to lash out and tell that person to take a long walk off a short pier. In all likelihood they don’t really know you and have no place to judge you. All of that is true. Pray for that person who judges you. Pray for those you want to (or have already) judge(d).

Then pray some more.


There are many marks of a good blogger. I’ve recently decided that a good blogger does a few things: draws you in, captures your attention, and of course makes you want to read more. A good blogger, writer, author, what-have-you, doesn’t make you sit there and scroll down to the bottom to see how much more you have to read. A good blogger can also link to their own past posts without being really arrogant about it. “Look at this awesome post I wrote” isn’t the trick. A good blogger knows their own stuff (easier said than done, I’ve got 180+ posts on here, you think I remember them all?) and isn’t afraid to link back to it when it fits in. Random thought, but true. And, it is part of being drawn in and sucked into following yet another awesome blog.


I feel as though we are in need of a really good laugh. It is Friday. The week has been long, and sad. News of the destruction and death toll of Hurricane Sandy is heartbreaking. More news about the tragic end of Jessica Ridgeway’s life makes me want to cry. So, a little laugh never hurt anybody. You may not always agree with Ellen’s life choices, but you can’t deny that this video is hilarious:


With regards to the crazy cards for my brother: The Dollar Store = fantastic. Oh. My. Goodness. Random, hilarious, and super cheap. I’m so blessed to have such a relationship with my brother where I can get him a card with a woman on the cover with toilet paper stuck in her underwear and rolling behind her that opens to say “How are things on your end?” and we can have a good laugh about it. I’m blessed.


I keep thinking that if each number had a theme to it, the Quick Takes might go easier. I know, for example, that number seven is always going to be a Scripture verse or a passage from the Catechism. I keep my eyes peeled for that inspirational passage throughout the week. What if number six could be my favorite song of the week? Something to consider. Also, I’m writing this week’s Quick Takes out of order, I wrote 1, then 7, then six and then I’ll go back and write the rest.

If #6 is going to be my favorite song, this week the song is “The Proof of Your Love” by for KING & COUNTRY.


“God answered: I will be with you” – Exodus 3:12. “Now go, I will assist you in speaking…” – Exodus 4:12. “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20. In Biblical School we just started studying the book of Exodus (clearly). As we read over those two verses I couldn’t help but think of Jesus’ last words in the Gospel of Matthew. He is with us always. He is with us when we sin. (Yuck.) He is with us when we are broken-hearted (see Psalm 34:19). He is with us when we are afraid, when we are joyful, when we don’t want to be with Him, He is there. He is with us. He assists us. He is with us until the end of the age. Rest in His promise to stay close to us.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!

Until next time 😉

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