quick takes: the beauty of Life.

Alright, I give. Quick Takes it is. They are fun and easy, and I like the idea of throwing out some random (and hopefully funny) stuff. Here goes nothing.


I can hardly express the beauty of the past week of my life. I’m overwhelmed at the goodness of God and the ways He continues to bless my life, no matter how unworthy I think I am. Then I remember this blog title (which comes from the meaning of my name – Amanda – which is Latin for worthy of love). He is so unbelievably good. More details may or may not follow, but for now, know that God is good and I am happy.


I recently realized how many “Mommy blogs” I read. They are all by Catholic women, but nonetheless I think I read as many Mommy blogs as I do non-Mommy blogs. I’m not entirely sure what that means, it is just an interesting and random observation. It probably means I’m a woman with lots of friends having babies and I think their lives are interesting. Read into that whatever you want.


The Year of Faith started yesterday, which also marked the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the promulgation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Look up “Porta Fidei” and read it. Read the Catechism (you can read the whole thing in the Year of Faith by reading 7 paragraphs a day). Learn about your faith and fall in love with it all over again. This year is going to be amazing, refreshing, and renewing…if we let it.


This really could be Quick Take 1.2 but let me just say once again how much I love St. Thérèse. She really does watch out for me and watch over me. If you are ever in need of a good woman who knows a woman’s heart, talk to her. She’s never once steered me wrong.


I look at the pictures up on my wall in my room and I’m itching for a road trip to just about anywhere, though probably not too far away. I give Wyoming a lot of crap, but it is actually quite beautiful because it is so vast and open. It is freeing to be out in the middle of nowhere. My soul can breathe there. Who knows if this road trip is going to happen. I actually was thinking about going on one this past weekend, but other things happened – way better things – so we’ll see what God has in store!


I am a bit OCD, and I have an odd way with numbers. Typically I prefer even numbers, but numbers 1-10 don’t follow that scheme. I like 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9. One is okay, but I hate five and six. I’m weird, I know it, and I don’t really care. Also, I’ve been known to adjust the volume on other people’s TV’s and car radios so that they are on even numbers. I don’t even want to have a number five and six in the quick takes. My goodness, I’m weird and I’m letting you all in on the crazy! Feel free to laugh with/at me. =)


The seventh quick take (because seven is such a rad and holy number) will always be about Scripture. It forces me to think about and dive into His word, and yet I won’t have to write an entire blog about it. I think that is a good balance. This week’s verse comes from the reading this past Sunday: “The LORD God said: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a suitable partner for him.”” – Genesis 2:18. The truth is that it isn’t good for any of us – man or woman – to be alone. God makes suitable partners for all of us. Sometimes this comes in the form of romantic relationships, but God’s promise also manifests itself in community, in good friends, in sisterhood and brotherhood, and in deep fellowship. We weren’t made to be alone. We were made out of and for relationship. If you are feeling alone realize that you are already in a relationship with the God who created you, and then ask Him to deepen the fellowship in your life.

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!

Until next time 😉

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