quick takes: odd things Edition.

Quick TakesI hereby dedicate this edition of Quick Takes to all of the random things I’ve learned and seen and experienced this week, in no particular order. Enjoy!


There is actually a blessing for bacon or lard. How did I find this out? Because I was looking through our Book of Blessings at work this week to schedule a blessing for all of our volunteer teachers and stumbled upon this beauty. I think it is both awesome and strange that such a thing actually exists. In case you don’t believe me, you can read the blessing right here.


This post on buzzfeed is basically the gif form of my post on things not to say to single folks. So have a laugh and know that you aren’t alone!


I think I figured out one of the main reasons I actually enjoy working out now. I love the feeling I get from working out, that feeling of being in control, the freedom that comes from running, or how I feel like Superwoman when I’m beating the snot out of the punching bag. More often than not I’m totally okay letting God have all of the control, but I also really enjoy feeling like I could kick someone’s behind if I really had to. It is so empowering! Anyone else feel that way when you work out?


Other random but true facts for your enjoyment:

The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache on a standard playing card.
A violin is made up of an average of 70 different pieces of wood.
Skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands when typing.
Porcupines float in water.
The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable”.
Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie.
…and now you know!


Do you know what would look really awesome right…here? If you guessed “A review for Worthy” you would be correct? If you’ve read it, go leave it some loving on Amazon, and if not, go order yourself a copy! Shameless plug, I know.

Quote of the week from the book:
“True strength for a woman is the ability to be vulnerable; first to God by allowing Him into our hearts, no matter how broken they may be. To admit we are weak, confused, or heartbroken is to admit we need God, the most beautiful and hopeful place we can be…Admitting we are weak means we must rid ourselves of pride, the greatest force keeping us from God.”


Song. Of. The. Week. Before I get to the song of the week I have a question for all of you lovely blog readers. Does it ever really, really bother you when you can’t seem to find that perfect song to fit your mood? I’ve been feeling that way for about a week and I’m waiting for that glorious song to fall into my lap! In the meantime, I’m still stuck on Luke Bryan and OneRepublic’s new albums…so the winner of the week is…

Boyce Avenue’s cover of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”! I just can’t get over the beauty of their sound…


Year of Faith…I can’t believe that it is coming to an end so soon (relatively speaking – it doesn’t actually end until Advent begins). I’m about six weeks or so away from finishing the Catechism and it is still blowing my mind. This week I really loved reading this paragraph,

“The “pure in heart” are promised that they will see God face to face and be like him. Purity of heart is the precondition of the vision of God. Even now it enables us to see according to God, to accept others as “neighbors”; it lets us perceive the human body – ours and our neighbor’s – as a temple of the Holy Spirit, a manifestation of divine beauty.” – Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2519

divine beauty

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