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It’s that time again…


By time you read this I’ll be bouncing around Seattle. Just writing that looks wonderful. I’m going to be a complete and total tourist and I am ridiculously excited for it. Pray for the trip, for the weekend, and that God would open my eyes to see His beauty and plans everywhere I go.


I’m kind of stuck for ideas lately. Some weeks blogs just come to me and I know exactly what to write about. Sometimes I get picky because I want a blog to be really good, really touching, moving, and inspiring and I don’t want to post crap. But then there are some days and weeks where I feel as though I have nothing to say. I’m currently sitting on that horizon, looking out, unsure of what to blog about. Of course, ideas are always welcome. I’m sure something will come, but please pray for me to continue to discern what it is that God is calling me to blog about!


I got my ballot in the mail this week (and voted!)! I registered to vote the day I turned 18 (because I am a giant nerd), and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get my ballot as I was this year. Also, I’ve discovered a fun new game to play. Whenever those recorded political people call (or God-forbid, an actual person calls to ask my political opinion) I pretty much yell into the phone, “I can’t stand Obama!” and then promptly hang up. If it is a real person who calls I’m nicer and don’t yell, but it seems that Mr. Obama’s people seem to be calling a lot lately, which I find annoying because they are all recorded calls, which actually only serves to make me more annoyed with him. Just sayin’. VOTE.


Halloween is next week, just in case you missed the memo.

That means lots of candy and crazy parties. That does not have to mean that women have a free license to dress inappropriately.

Not true. I’m a girl and I’m saying something about. Dress with class.


Next week, Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation/Opportunity. The feast is All Saints Day, a great day in the liturgical year to honor all of the great saints throughout history. You can see it as one of those annoying things that the Catholic Church says you have to do or else you’ll be in a state of mortal sin, or you can see it as an invitation to thank God for the great examples of holiness that we’ve had in the last 2000 years. Also, now that you’ve read it is a holy day you can’t claim ignorance! Thursday, November 1st = Holy Day. Get to Mass! Find a local parish and go to Mass. Receive Our Lord. Then, realize that He wants you to be a Saint too!


As you may know, my younger (and only) brother is in the seminary. This year, referred to as his Spirituality Year (SY), he goes on a media fast – no phone, no computer, no music. It is hard and yet I’m so inspired by him because of it. What that means is that in order to communicate we write letters. I’ve taken it upon myself to write him in the most random, weird, crazy cards I can find. This is no easy mission. I use birthday cards and change it to say “Happy Birthday Random Day Of The Week”, but even that gets old. So, if you have any cards you are willing to add I will give you full credit when I send them (and let you know the resulting reaction). Or, if you know some stores where I can find inexpensive random cards, let me know!


This week I have a bit of Biblical goodness for y’all! I’m currently enrolled in this fabulous thing in the Archdiocese of Denver (have I mentioned lately how much I love the AoD?) called the Catholic Biblical School. It is a four-year school in which we go through and learn about every single book in the Bible. There is no other school like it in the country. I’m currently in year one and we just finished up Genesis. Chapters 37-50 are all about Joseph (not the one Mary marries). In the end (read the rest of the story for yourself, it is pretty rad) he tells his brothers, “Even though you meant harm to me, God meant it for good, to achieve this present end, the survival of many people” (Gen 50:20). This verse truly gave me pause and made me realize that even if people mean us harm, God means everything for good, according to His perfect plan. Something to think about when you feel that people aren’t being nice to you or that evil is afoot. God can use even the most depraved evil to bring about good. How? That is His business (thank goodness), but He is good and He can. And He does.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!

Until next time 😉

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