prove your Love.

Happy 100th blog to me! And to you, my awesome readers! Crazy to think this is my 100th post…I feel like it should be something totally awesome and amazingly inspiriing…I hope it is!

“It is not moments of unleashed passion that prove our love, but the countless hours of commitment spent between” – Unknown

I’ve been reflecting on that quote a lot in the last few weeks. It is full of wisdom and not just for those of us in relationships. We prove our friendship, our loyalty, our honesty not just in moments of unleashed passion, we prove our friendship is the hours spent between. We prove our friendship to those friends we have moved away from by calling and texting them to check in and tell them we are thinking about them. We prove our love by making time for the ones we care about. We prove our love by not taking advantage of those we love, and by not growing complacent and thinking or hoping they will always be there for us. We prove our love not by hoping or believing that they will always come back to us, but by constantly giving them reasons to come back to our love and our friendship. As my mother always said, we have time for what we make time for.

This quote hit me upside the head last week when I found out that one of my friends from college has gone missing. We were never really the best of friends in college and truth be known there were times he really, really, really got on my nerves. Yet that quote makes me think, did we, the people that knew him, do enough in the hours in between to prove our love? Did we show him that we cared, that we valued him, that we were glad we knew him? I really and truly hope so. If we didn’t then I hope that it isn’t too late to show him how much we appreciate him.

The more I live it, the more I am convinced that life isn’t really about moments. Yes, moments are wonderful and they get us through, they fill us with hope and joy, but moments are not what life is made of. Life is made of the everyday, the little things between the moments. That is when we prove our love, that is when we show what we are really made of. When my campus minister told me her love story in college she said that when she and her husband fell in love it wasn’t primarily about the firework moments with them. Sure, there were firework moments, but that’s not what led her to fall in love with him. She fell in love with him because of all the little things in between. The love between the moments was what kept (and I’m willing to bet still keeps) their love alive.

Are we people made of moments who hope for the best between those moments? Do we take for granted those people that we love and fail to put in the effort required to maintain a good friendship or relationship? Or do we live fully between those moments? Do we take advantage of opportunities to show our love in the little ways? Show your commitment in the hours between. Do something nice for someone you care about today. But don’t just do it today. Do it everyday, because they are worth it. Send them a nice text to tell them that you appreciate them. Mail them a card. Pick a flower for them. Pick up the phone and call them. Listen to their struggles. Remember, love is not a fight but it is worth fighting for. Prove your love.

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