please don't Squeeze.

When I started this blog I had no idea how long I’d keep it going (which is not a hint – I have no desire to get rid of it!), much less that I’d someday blog about my engagement, wedding and pregnancy. But here we are, and yes, apparently I’ve become that blogger. I don’t mind a bit though, because this has always been my little corner of the blogosphere to write what I please, share what I’m learning and whether or not you keep reading is up to you 🙂

Keep in mind that every woman and every pregnancy is different. What I write about throughout this pregnancy isn’t the end all be all, it is just little ol’ me writing down what I’m living up. All of this being said…

I was really excited to announce our pregnancy. How I managed to wait nearly three weeks is beyond me. I wanted to go the doctor first just to double check everything before blasting the news all over every social media account I have. Posting and reading everyone’s comments was an experience unto itself (there’s another post coming on that topic), but seeing people’s reactions was my favorite…until they hugged me super tight.

Here’s the thing: I actually love hugs. I love when the kids at work come up and give me hugs because they are excited to see me and I dislike the fact that people could insinuate that something inappropriate is going on there (it isn’t). I love hugging people and I love when people hug me, plain and simple. Being pregnant changes that a bit.

I’m increasingly sensitive to rapid movements, so hugs that involve the other person jumping up and down or moving all around while hugging me make me a bit queasy. I’m happy you’re happy, but let’s let you jump around on your own because the jumping isn’t so much fun for me.

Not to mention the fact that frequent urination (yup, I just went there – I’m that blogger now, remember?) can start really early in pregnancy. For me it started before I even took an at home pregnancy test. The jumping up and down only jostles things around more, so not only does it make me queasy, it makes me want to run to the bathroom. Word to the wise, folks.

Before we made the news of our pregnancy public, a good friend of mine got the news out of me another way. He has always, always, always given super-tight bear hugs. Normally I love them, but my body is already preparing to be able to nurture my baby, which means that ‘the girls’ are really, really, really tender all. the. time. I love hugs, but if you can avoid the squeeze, I’d really appreciate it. Otherwise I basically feel like I’m going to explode, and neither of us want that.

Also, if, while hugging/death-grip-squeezing me I happen to repeatedly say, “Ow, ow, owwwwww” please do this pregnant gal a favor and ease up on the squeeze. I’m excited that you’re excited. I’m excited. But I’m also tired and want to sleep all the time, so I don’t usually have the energy (at least externally) to be quite as excited as you are. That will come in time, trust me 😉

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