pierced Heart.

The truth is that I have no news to report about the book this week. I made no progress. But the even more beautiful truth is that I am okay with having made no progress whatsoever. I haven’t picked up the book or the proposal once. I currently have someone looking over the proposal with a fine-toothed comb, and once she is done, God willing, it will go to publisher(s). I’m still getting wonderful feedback from people who are reading the book. I’m humbled and excited by the fact that men and women are having positive reactions to it. Even though I wrote the book to a predominately female audience, it is reassuring to know that it can and does speak to men as well.

So I’ve taken some well needed time away from all things book-related, and really entered into praying for the book, and, above all, for God’s will for it. He hasn’t revealed anything major to me, though He also hasn’t come down and blown up my computer and destroyed every copy I have saved of it (and there are a lot of saved copies, all saved in different places, thanks to my technologically savvy father). I invite you to join me in praying for the book and for God’s will to be done in. As I have since the beginning, I continue to pray for Sts. Peter and Paul’s intercession. Got any other saints? Does anyone know the patron saint of publishers, authors, writers, or anything else pertinent to this project?

Without further ado, this week’s quote: “How do we know if Jesus will handle our hearts with care? We see how He cared for His own heart. He willingly allowed it to be pierced out of love for you and me. Does that mean He will allow our hearts to be pierced? Not necessarily. His heart was pierced only through and because of His great love. Surely, if our hearts are to be pierced, He will fill them to the brim with love to withstand the pain of being pierced. How do you think His heart was pierced? It first had to be filled with Love.”

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us.

What I’m Listening To:
“Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church
“Love Will Be Enough For Us” by Dave Barnes
“Seventeen” by Dave Barnes
“Over” by Blake Shelton

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