perks of moving Again.

Packing, packing, sorting, and more packing. Realistically, we'll be moving a few more times within the next few years. While moving a family isn't my favorite thing in the world, there are a few perks to moving so frequently. In no particular order...
  1. Spring cleaning is an annual thing. I actually appreciate being able to purge stuff. It is also pretty easy to assess whether or not I've used something in the last year. Have I used this since we moved to Boise? Nope. Out it goes. Done.
  2. New scenery! Is there something I don't like about our current living situation? Great, it is time to move and find someplace new to live!
  3. Travel. Because we won't be in the same city or even the same state, we get to live someplace new. We get to travel with the girls and see different parts of the country.
  4. See all the cathedrals! Since we move around, it becomes easier to see even more cathedrals across the country. If we were in Colorado I'd be more limited since I've seen all of the cathedrals within reasonable driving distance from our home. I got to see 6 cathedrals last year alone!
  5. New opportunities to decorate! I actually like being able to decorate a house and make it a home. Where we hang our favorite pictures, setting up a prayer space we use as a family, I love these little details and it is fun to be able to change them as we move.
  6. Speaking of changing things...I actually really like to rearrange furniture rather frequently. In college I would rearrange my dorm furniture at least once a month. In smaller living areas there aren't as many options for rearranging furniture, but when you move you get to rearrange the furniture in a different way ;-)
  7. Road trips! I genuinely enjoy road trips. Moving around means we have to drive our cars from place to place so we get to see different parts of the country that way as well. The selfies I took with Monkey at the Idaho state sign are still some of my favorites! Memories for years to come :)
  8. Life hacks. When we moved into our place in Boise, I got to put Pinterest to work. The space was small but I loved the challenge of making our stuff fit comfortably into smaller places. I like figuring out new hacks to make life easier and more organized.
  9. New people! While it is certainly hard to leave the life we've built in Boise, I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends wherever we go next. It is exciting to think about the possibilities that God has for us, new couples to share marriage and parenting struggles and joys with, new friends for our kids, and more!
  10. In a weird way, it is kind of fun to be a bit nomadic. I care less about our stuff and more about people. Moving around bonds us together even more as a couple and as a family. Our address may change, but our love is constant and ever-deepening. I'd say that is the best part of moving: we become more and more solidified in our family identity.
There you go and there you have it, my top 10 perks of moving again! (Remind me of this next year!)
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