on Mission.

bissisterhood {Linking up with Blessed Is She} I relish the moments of doing things with both hands - typing, eating, praying, doing my hair, showering and the like. These days one of my hands is usually holding up our little girl, cleaning up spit up, and/or changing diapers. I've learned how to do a lot more using one hand: cook, make a sandwich, laundry, make a bed, do my makeup, etc. Now that I'm back at work, I'm even figuring out how to type e-mails one handed and get things done while I hold her. When I hear the word "mission" I instantly think of foreign countries and spreading the gospel. Right now, though, that isn't my mission. My mission is my vocation as wife and mother. My secondary mission is my job as Director of Faith Formation. I heard a quote once about how some give by going and others go by giving. My life at the moment has put me squarely in the "go by giving" camp. I'm not traveling to the ends of the world, I'm not shipping bibles or rosaries to far off lands. I'm mothering. I'm loving my husband. I'm sharing the gospel with the kids I work with. I'm blogging. Just because my mission doesn't involve foreign countries or foreign languages doesn't make it any less of a mission. All too often I think we forget that mission can be so much more than building a house or giving out bibles to people who don't know Jesus. Mission can - and should - be in our daily lives, whether with our spouses or friends (or both), we all have a call to share the gospel. Some do so by preaching, some do so by building houses, setting up clean drinking water or providing medical care to those that would otherwise go without. Others share the gospel by forgiving the people in their midst - spouses, friends, family. Still others share the gospel by cleaning up dirty diapers, holding crying children and consoling the people God places in their lives. All of these are missions. They are all a calling and a place to share the love that God so freely gives to each of us. I may not travel the world, but my blog can and does. If we take a moment to look around - even if it is just at the messes in our lives - we can and will see that there is opportunity for missions all around us. My husband challenges me to be holier - in a way, I'm his mission territory. As our daughter grows up, we'll challenge and encourage her to be a saint - she is our mission territory. When we spend time with each other's families we witness to the joy Christ places in our hearts - they are our mission territory. Everywhere is a mission because the truth is that we are all lacking, we are all still imperfect and prone to sin. Look around you, find your mission and then go, share the love and joy of Christ in word and deed.
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