oh my Goodness!

I can hardly believe it’s September already! I’m doing my very best to get proposal(s) out by the end of the month, please continue to pray for the publishers, editors and all those who (God willing) will be involved in the next steps to getting the book published.

I am both unbelievably excited about this next step and yet absolutely terrified of it. Thus far I’ve been the one in control, and I rather like it that way. I get to say what gets edited, what gets added and what gets taken out. I’ve listened to feedback, taken some of it, and decided against taking other pieces of it. I’ve edited the book for what feels like a thousand times, I’ve edited the proposal numerous times, and poured blood, sweat, and tears into this project. And yes, I have even been known to call this project “my baby”. The idea of putting “my baby” into the hands of publisher who may very well reject it is terrifying. I’ve poured my heart into this book and while I’m certainly hoping to not be rejected, I’m well aware that rejection is a distinct possibility. I am also learning, however, that giving this book over to publishers is yet another opportunity for me to trust that God – not me – is in control, and that is something I am excited for.

This week I want to go back and give you a little more detailed overview of the book so that you can better understand what it is about.

The book, as far as I see it, is a journey. This journey takes place in three sections: The Lies, The Triumph of Love, The Truth and the Challenge. The first section, The Lies, dives into the lies that Satan sells us on. These chapters were difficult to write as they involved diving into lies, half-truths, and the mind of Satan. But, if we are ever going to move closer to the heart of God, we have to expose the crap that Satan tries to sell us on. The next section, The Triumph of Love, looks at Mary and her perfect example of womanhood. This section also evaluates Mary as the new Eve. It is because Mary triumphs that Jesus could enter the world and triumph over sin and death. Mary and Jesus are the focus of this second section as their message reminds us that we are always worthy of God’s unconditional love. Finally, the third section, The Truth and The Challenge, takes what has been revealed to us in the first two sections of the book, and challenges us to live our lives differently in light of the Truth. This section features practical ways that we can continue to grow as women who are after the heart of God.

I could talk about the book forever. Do you remember that scene in Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan’s character talks about verbal diarrhea and how she just can’t stop talking about Regina George? That is kind of how I feel about the book. When someone asks me how it is coming along my eyes light up at the chance to talk about it. So this week I shall leave you with a quote from the proposal, for a change, I hope you enjoy it.

“The truth, however, is that we are passionately loved by God, and we are also passionately hated by His enemy. The time has come to be healed, to be restored, to be loved, and, above all, to be found worthy.”

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us.

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