not alone series: if Only...

not alone series: if Only...

not alone series

AH! I’m back, linking up with the Not Alone Series after what feels like an epic hiatus! I took a break because, if I’m being honest, it felt weird to be joining up with a series about being single when I wasn’t single (even if that wasn’t public knowledge on the blog yet). Then came the engagement and, well, here we are. I’ve been *trying* to step back from blogging and plan this wedding thing (which is now less than four months away!), but writing is my love so I’m back, at least for now, with the Not Alone Series!

El Prompto: If only I knew then what I know now…What would you tell your former self about being single if given the chance? What have you learned that you wish you could tell your younger self?

Let me say that I’ve been reflecting on this a lot since the engagement. If I could go back and tell myself a few things before Anthony came along, or before my major heartbreaks happened, what would it be? What have I learned that I wish I knew ‘back when’ so to speak? A few things come to mind:

Stop. Freaking. Out.
You know he (your future husband) is coming. You trust that God is going to bring that perfect man into your life, so stop freaking out about it. Put that trust into action. Enjoy where God has placed you. There are situations and trials you are going to go through that won’t be easy. There are going to be times (plenty of them) when you wish that he would just be there to support you, but the fact that he isn’t there yet will teach you so much and prepare your heart for him and for marriage more than you realize.

God needs you to be present, so stop living for the future and live in the now. Plan for the future, but be present to those around you. Listen to their advice, even if it infuriates you. Practice the virtues you want your future husband to have, because those are the things that will attract him to you. Enjoy life. Travel more. Money might be tight, but travel. Also, don’t run off all of your engaged/married friends, they’ll come in handy when the right guy comes along 😉

There’s nothing worth stressing over because God has it all under control. I know you know this in your head, but the truth of God’s perfect plan has yet to sink in your heart. Don’t be afraid to trust Him because He’ll never, ever lead you astray. He is perfect, you are not, and He is doing everything He can to draw you to Himself and to make you holy. Let Him.

Thanks to Jen and Morgan for hosting, and for letting me continue to randomly link up 😉

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