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Prompt-o-the-week: A followup to Jen’s post on following the peace.
What brings you peace? Are you able to do those things?
If not, what’s preventing you?

I actually really enjoyed Jen’s original post on following the peace, so I was excited to be able to do a follow up post! I think that what brings me peace in life is different (but related) to what brings me peace in terms of my vocation.

Peace in Life

The things that bring me peace in life, in no particular order are:

  • Hiking/spending time in the mountains
  • Daily Mass
  • Time spent in adoration
  • Praying the rosary
  • Listening to God’s word – this is a newer addition, but making sure that I really meditate on His word each night brings new focus and peace to my life
  • Writing, whether I’m journaling or blogging…or thinking about writing another book (!!!), there is peace in writing

Am I able to do those things? Almost all of them. I don’t hike or spend nearly as much time in the mountains/nature as I’d like to, but that’s life. At least I can take a walk or go for a run and enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery. The rest of them all happen on a fairly consistent basis, even if I am up late writing a blog because it just had to be written!

Peace in my Vocation

not alone follow the peaceThe thing is that all of the above directly relate to the peace I feel about my vocation. Time that I spend hiking allows me quiet time to hush my brain up and simply listen to God. Alone in nature I see His wild heart and His deep love for each of us. Separated from the hustle and bustle of life I find peace trusting that He is calling me to married life someday. There will be days to come that will be crazy, but even when the trees of life seem to fall all around me, I can see that God is there through it all.

Daily Mass, time spent in adoration, and praying the rosary all allow me to hear God through prayer, and to lay my worries and hopes at His feet. Seeing Him in nature I see one side of His imaginative and creative heart. Interacting with Him through ritual and prayer allows me to see His strong and steady nature. His steadfast love overflows in the Mass and in prayer as He calms my sometimes anxious heart.

Listening to God’s word and meditating upon it gives me a chance to hear Him through the words He inspired people to write so long ago. When I doubt or wonder if what I’m hearing in prayer really is His voice and not just my own, Scripture is an anchor in the storm, revealing to me the words He desires to write on my heart.

Writing…writing has become my outlet, my way to think, process, pray, and reflect. Writing is my way to interact with Him on a very personal level. Whether I’m writing out my thoughts at the end of the day or logging in here to write a blog, when I write I open myself up to Him and to what He wants me to say and write. It is beautiful.

Where do you find your peace?

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