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You read that right...I wrote a new book! Well, to be more accurate, I'm writing a new book. It is all outlined and my goal is to have the first full draft ready in December, if not sooner. Hopefully, it is the first in a series of books to come, but more on that later. My new book is a bible study geared toward women and you, yes YOU, have a chance to win an advance copy! After prayer and lots of thought I am still completely stumped when it comes to a title for the book. Below I'll give you some of the details about the book then it is up to you to comment or e-mail me with a title for the book (if you comment, make sure your e-mail address is attached to your comment so I can contact you if you win!). Whoever comes up with the winning title* gets a free, autographed advance copy of the book (God willing, the book will be published in January/February, winner gets their copy at least 2 weeks prior to publication). So put your creative thinking hats on and enter to win! The basic details:
  • The book is, as I mentioned, a bible study geared toward women - men are certainly free to read it and use it to lead bible study, but the target audience is Catholic women, ages 18-99, single, married, engaged, mothers, or not.
  • More about the target audience: all Catholic women. The goal is for women who are deep, passionate Catholics to be able to get just as much out of the study as women who are just entering the Church, women without a background in Church history or biblical studies.
  • The bible study is written in such a way that you can do it on your own or with a group, or both, however you choose! There are questions in each chapter for personal reflection as well as for group discussion.
  • Should you choose to go the group discussion route, each chapter is designed to last approximately an hour, depending on how deep your discussions get :)
  • Old Testament women are the focus of this particular bible study - seven of them, to be exact. Each chapter features one Old Testament woman and what we learn from her and/or how she inspires us in the modern world
  • Anybody can lead the bible study - no theological or biblical background required. Everything you need to go through the bible study - on your own or in a group - is right there in the book (except, you know, your own bible!). There are no special skills or degree required for the bible study, it is for all women from all walks of life.
Any questions? Post them in the comments - otherwise, send your ideas for a book title my way via e-mail ( or the comment box for a chance to win an advanced copy! *if there are so many great titles that get submitted that I can't chose, I may put it to a poll on the blog/Facebook fan page to decide!
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