my attire on Sunday (vol. 2)

It is that time again! Time for What I Wore Sunday – hosted at Fine Linen & Purple

The outfit (sans my face…): Dress – Kohl’s (clearance!)
Tights – Target
Shoes (not shown in this pic, scroll down!) – Payless
Necklace – Kohl’s?
Rosary Bracelet – Belmont Abbey College!

(look at the shoes!)

1. The shoes are AWESOME (I own them in a pewter color too!)
2. I actually gave myself a french manicure!

And no, that’s not a wedding ring/engagement ring on that oh-so-important finger. It is a ring that says I’m committed to God, first and foremost. It isn’t a purity ring. It is deeper and more meaningful to me than any purity ring I’ve ever own. The three stones do not symbolize me, my huband and God in the middle. They symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the one God in three persons whom I love more than the air I breathe. Read more about my ring here.

I’m loving What I Wore Sunday – feel free to join the link up at Fine Linen and Purple! It is so much fun, and so cool to see what everyone else is wearing to Mass!

Also…this was my first Sunday playing my violin at Mass at a new parish, and it went really well! I have missed playing at Mass SO MUCH! Three months was WAY too long to not play at Mass!

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