my attire on Sunday (vol. 12)

What I Wore SundayIt is, indeed, that time once again!

This week was honestly one of the longest and most emotionally draining weeks in quite some time. As I’ve mentioned the last few weeks in my Quick Takes, there are loads of new opportunities in my life! All of them are great, it just means that I feel like I’m spread a little thin some days, but I’m excited to see where God is taking me!

Also…during the day on Friday I heard back from the only other publisher I submitted a book proposal! Tune into this week’s Quick Takes for another big announcement!

That being said, this edition of What I Wore Sunday may as well be called the I-made-my-own-dress but-not-really edition…


The deets:
Dress: not really a dress, but I had you fooled!
Gray turtleneck: Kohl’s. Ages ago!
Blue skirt: Ross?
Belt: Ribbon that came from a different skirt
Shoes: Pewter awesomeness, Payless, $15
Earrings: Same ones as these.

I took my pictures this morning before going to Mass. Usually I take them after Mass when I am, you know, actually awake and have bothered to put my make up on. So, excuse my not-so-awake-dramatic-flair this morning!

I love making up new outfits from pieces of clothing I’ve had forever! I love the shade of blue of the skirt, it is a nice pop of color after a dreary week, weather-wise!
Also, I keep getting my weeks mixed up and I’m half convinced that Lent starts this week. Thank goodness it doesn’t, I don’t know what I’m giving up/adding this year! Last year I gave up my snooze button (which was really hard, there are a few of blogs about it!). Any suggestions for this year? What are you giving up/adding?

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Be sure to check out Fine Linen & Purple for more wonderful Mass attire!

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