Worthy: The Book

it is Here!

Click on the image above or right HERE - either way, the new edition of my book is live and ready for sale on Amazon! A few other quick notes:
  1. I will be selling signed copies like I did for the original version, but I won't be doing that until July when I'm back in Colorado.
  2. There will also be a Kindle version and it is coming soon - hopefully in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
I AM SO EXCITED! ...and truth be told, I'm also ready to pull it from Amazon because spiritual attack is real. I'm amazed at the caliber of women in the world around us and constantly think "who am I to write a book? Do I even have anything special to say that hasn't been said before?" Then I head on over to Amazon and read all the negative reviews on the first book and the doubt and the fear are like a wave, ready to overtake me. The truth is that writing a book is hard. Pouring your heart and soul into something so personal and then putting it out there for literally anyone in the world to read and rip apart is terrifying. Whether you buy the book or not, would you mind saying a prayer for me, but most importantly for the book? I could care less how much money I make, but my prayer is that something, anything in the book would touch the hearts of women and set them on fire for Jesus. That's it. Let's go be the worthy (sons and) daughters that God made us to be.
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