hold my Love.

There are no words to preface this song, only words to follow it. Enjoy.

Rock or Knock: Rock
Song: Hold My Love
Artist: Patrick Finegan
Album: Beautiful Mess (out on iTunes and Amazon now!)

It seems that lately we’re running ‘round in circles
Short tempered with everything between us
Its hard enough to fight the stress that fills our lives
But then again, nothing will be perfect
Being wrong can make this journey worth it
Let laughter fill our hearts
Replace the wrongs that fill our lives

And I’m no stranger to this
I know the danger to this
All I ask is for your time

You fill my life that I’ve been living
You won my heart that I’ve been saving
You’re the surprise that I’ve been given
You’re all I want
Don’t look back it’s the beginning
You and I, something to believe in
Lets face the facts, your all I need
And I won’t give up

Hold my love…

I’ve learned to define the look in your eye
And I will not deny that I love that your mine
But timing just got rough; our love will be enough
And all of this time we’ve been looking to find
Our purpose in life its hard not to wind up
Taking it out on you; just know I will be true

And I’m no stranger to this
I know the danger to this
All I’m asking for is time


Hold my love…

So don’t look back we’re moving forward
We’ll take our time, give into our words
We’ll make it there, well that I’m sure of
You’re all I want
One request I lay before you
I know that you have it in you
Patience where we are so will you
Hold my love…

This song, unlike any song I’ve featured before, is intensely personal in a way that perhaps no other song will ever be. And yet despite the personal nature of this song I find hope in it, and like most songs I listen to, I find God in the midst of the lyrics. Certainly this song could be written about a true and deep love, one that could stand the test of time. It could be written about a love that many, many girls dream about having some day. This is one of those songs you listen to and you can’t help but think, “gee, I wish someone would write those things about me.” But you can also take these lyrics and find the love of God in them. The beautiful and amazing thing about music is that as our lives change we can hear different things in songs we’ve known for a while. Our experiences change our understanding of songs, and this song is no exception to that.

Aren’t we always running around in circles in life? Perhaps these are words we tell God. Lord, I’m running around in circles and I’m short-tempered with everyone, including You. I’m filled with stress and anxiety and I’m a little bit lost. I want to be right, I want to direct my own path in life but maybe being wrong and letting You be right will make this journey worth it because then I’ll end up in Heaven with You. Instead of being right all the time I’ll laugh at the life before me and let Your joy fill my heart.

Someone once told me that praying for patience is a dangerous prayer because God doesn’t grant you patience, He only gives you more opportunities to be patient. We know the danger to the prayer and yet we keep praying for it. All we are asking for is time. We are asking for God to be patient with us and we are hoping that we can be patient with ourselves and with the people we love most.

At the end of the day, despite the stress that fills our lives God fills our lives that we’ve been living. God fills our lives before anyone else can or should. He wins our hearts that we’ve been guarding and saving because He pursues us and washes us with His love. He is the greatest surprise we’ve been given. Jesus’ unconditional and self-sacrificial love is the greatest gift we could have ever been given and if we are honest with ourselves He is all we really want. We may desire other things and other people but if we take a step back from that we can come to realize that He is the fulfillment of all our desires. We are reminded not to look back, don’t focus on the past and our sins and our failures because God makes all things new (see Rev. 21:5). Us, when united with God is something to believe in, an unstoppable force for love and good in the world. The facts are sometimes hard to face. We want more, we want love, we want relationships, we want a secure job with a nice paycheck, but the fact is that God is all we need. He won’t give up on us, nor should we give up on Him. Hold His love for you, hold it deep within your heart. Never let it go. Ask Him to hold your love for Him and increase it with each breath you take.

God has learned to define the look in our eye, the flutter of our hearts. In fact, He never really had to learn it, He created it. He will never deny that He loves us and He loves that we are and always will be His. However, the timing can get rough and He knows that. From His point of view the timing is never rough, it is perfect. But I have no doubt that God acknowledges that we feel His timing is rough which is exactly why He invites us to trust that our mutual love will be enough. He knows we’ve been trying to find our purpose in life and that finding that purpose can be a long and difficult journey. He knows that from time to time we can take it out on Him and on those closest to our hearts, and still He reminds us that He will be true. Above and beyond anything and anyone else, He will be true. His love will be the constant in our ever-changing lives. His love is our anchor keeping us safe and holding us steady when the tidal waves of life threaten to capsize our ships.

We need to be reminded not to look to the past. Keep the past in the past, we are moving forward. Moving forward doesn’t mean we have to run at marathon speed, we can take our time, give into His words, give into the Word Made Flesh, Jesus. God knows we will make it there, so long as we remain in His love. He is sure that we will make it to Heaven with Him, even when we aren’t so confident, He is confident and He knows that our love will be enough. His love is more than enough for us. We are all He wants. All He asks of us is that we be patient where we are and patient with Him, and that we hold His love forever in our hearts because it is all we will ever need.

I love that I get to feature songs on this blog and give new perspective to songs and hopefully shed some light on up-and-coming artists. Patrick’s songs are no different, he writes his heart and soul into these songs and it shows. If you haven’t already bought “Beautiful Mess” on iTunes or Amazon I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.

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