for the hopeless Heart.

Dear child,

I see the good in you. Satan would love nothing more than for you to get lost in your sin and shame. I see beyond those things, I see the goodness I created in your heart. Where you see despair, I find reasons for hope and growth. Where you seek weakness, I see an opportunity for My glory to shine. When you feel lost, I find you in the depths of My heart.

My child, you are never far from Me. Though you may think that you are far away from My love, though you may fail to imitate Me with perfection, you are never far from My heart. You are, and forever will be, in the deepest part of My heart. My love for you is beyond words, and unfathomable in its immensity. I love you when you feel unlovable. And, oh, how it saddens Me when you think that you have strayed so far as to be unworthy of My love. Nothing could be further from the truth. My love for you covers all of your sin and all of your shame.

I long for you to believe that My love is all-consuming. Do you not see it in the face of My Son? Do you not see it in His thorn-pierced head? In His nail-scarred hands? That, My child, is the face of Love, the love that covers you, always and forever. Though you feel far away, though you sin and stray, My love for you remains. Return to Me. I AM. I am the good that you seek, the love that you long for, the peace you desire, the hope you need. Outside of Me you can do nothing. I say this not to frighten you, but to invite you to find rest in Me. Though you search elsewhere, you know that all that you long for is found in Me. I am the strength you need, the anchor that holds you firm, the shelter from the storm, and the rest you so ardently desire.

Your heart, dear child, is not broken or scarred beyond what My love can repair. You are not so far gone as to be outside of My love. You will never be so far gone that I ever forget about you or deny you My love. You are not beyond repair, though the road to redemption, as My Son shows, is difficult, but rest assured that I will be with you through it all.

When I look at you I see anything but failure. I see goodness, hope, patience, and mercy. When I look at you I see a reflection of Myself. You are a reflection of Me. Cling to that truth with all that you have. When hope seems lost, find yourself in Me.

You are forever in My heart.


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