feminine Heart.

Each chapter of this book has a special place in my heart. Each chapter, each word even, is a prayer. However, there are three chapters that are easily my favorite chapters in the book. Today’s quote comes from one of those three chapters. Upon re-reading this particular chapter I highlighted nearly half of the chapter because it is so moving to me. The moving part isn’t that I wrote it or that this came out of me, what is moving is that God so clearly spoke through this chapter, not only to me, but hopefully to you as well. Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North said, “Funny thing about art. It often teaches us what we didn’t know by making it.” The funny thing about writing this book is that sometimes I think it has taught me more than it may ever teach others. God is good.

“Most people tend to think that a woman is strong if she displays a strong sense of who she is, what her values are, what is acceptable in life, and what is not. Perhaps this is true, but I would contend that the strength of a woman runs much deeper still. A woman’s strength is revealed when she lets her walls down, when she drops her guard and shares her feminine heart with others.”

Tidbits of joy from this week:

1. Feedback. It is coming in and it is beautiful. I have literally cried reading what people are saying about the book so far and how it is touching their lives. I’m constantly amazed at how God is already using this book, and I trust that He’s nowhere near done. When I set out to write this book I never really believed it could or would make an impact on someone. Sure, I dreamt about it, but I never really believed it. God, thank goodness, knew better. I’m thrilled to see what He is doing through this book. Please, please, please keep praying for those reading the book, for the publishers who will (soon-ish!) get proposals from me, and that God would touch their hearts and bless their efforts. I’m eternally grateful for the support thus far!

2. THE THIRD DRAFT IS DONE! I put that in all caps because I am just so darn excited about it! I feel as though I’ve read the book cover to cover (so to speak) about a billion times now. I still felt like it needed one more good edit from yours truly, in addition to the feedback I’ve been getting. I can’t tell you how much better I feel like it gets with every edit. I pruned a lot this time, mostly repetitive things, but I believe it makes it a stronger book. Now I can really focus on the proposal…but some more factoids first:
1st draft = 73,213 words, ~219 pages
2nd draft = 75,088 words, ~224 pages
3rd draft = 72,425 words, ~216 pages

3. Pray for the final chapter. I think I’m being overly critical of it because it is the final chapter, but I’m still unsure about it. Also, when I wrote the blog that turned into the second to last chapter I remember telling a select few that I had just written the last chapter in a book I would someday write (little did I know how soon I would write it!).

Lots of little updates this week, thank you all for keeping me accountable!

Sts. Peter and Paul, pray for us!

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