favorite Prayers.

favorite Prayers.

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My favorite prayer (lately – because, let’s be honest, could I pick my favorite prayer of all time? No.):

Lord, soften my heart. Make Your dwelling within its walls. Teach me to love as You love. Prepare my heart for all that You are calling me to.

I find that lately prayer works best in short phrases I can latch on to and repeat until I’m calm or rational or relaxed. Each one of those phrases gets repeated throughout my days. My heart can be so easily hardened to hearing God’s voice that I constantly need to pray that my heart would be softened and opening to hearing and seeing Him moving in my life.

I desperately long for God to dwell in my heart and for Him to feel truly at home there. It is, after all, His creation, so shouldn’t He feel at home there? I sure hope so!

God knows I’m imperfect at a lot of things, especially loving others how He calls me to. I imagine myself sitting at His feet, listening attentively as He teaches me and shows me how to love as He does – unconditionally and without counting the cost. It is a going to be a life-long lesson.

St. Catherine of Siena is credited with saying that if we are who God created us to be, then we will set the world on fire. He’s got big plans in store for me and for you. I’m hoping the journey to those big plans is nice and calm and smooth. No matter what the road looks like, I’m praying that each day, with each breath I take, He is preparing me to do His will more perfectly.

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