a love like the King's...part 2

I couldn’t really help myself, I just had to pick on a couple more George Strait songs (that and I’ll be on vacation and probably won’t blog while I’m gone…). Make sure you read part 1 before reading this!

“It Just Comes Natural”
This is an awesome song to cha cha to and listening to it just makes me want to dance. But aside from the desire to dance, this song is awesome in the way that God’s love can be seen it is. Sure, I want a love that just comes natural and easy from whoever I am supposed to end up with, but I already have that love from God! His love is natural, His love is life-giving, His love is as simple a thing as there ever was or ever will be. “And I love you, it just comes natural. Its what I was born to do, don’t have to think it through, baby its so easy loving you, it just comes natural.” However, let me start this by saying that God was NOT born! He was not created, because that would mean that someone or something would have created Him. God simply exists, always has and always will. Nonetheless, the essence of that phrase matches the love of God. When we say that we were “born to do” something, we mean that it is in our blood, something that we simply cannot deny – same goes for God, He, being the source of good, Truth, and love, cannot deny loving us, His creation. He doesn’t have to think through loving us, it is easy loving us. Even the “baby” makes sense because God is passionately in love with us. Though, perhaps it is easier for women to think of God and/or Jesus as lover…but that’s just me. NEXT!

“As Far As It Goes”
This song has a special place in my heart and it probably always will. Beyond that special meaning and those fond memories, I’ve heard the whispers of God in it. “I’m only gonna give you everything, take it a mile beyond the end of the road. I’m gonna love you one day past forever, but that’s as far as it goes.” That’s how I feel so often with God. I feel like He’s only giving me a little, like somehow He is holding out on me. But I only feel that way because I’m not really listening to ALL of what God is trying to tell me. “I’m only gonna give you…EVERYTHING.” The Lord goes above and beyond, He doesn’t stop walking with us when the road ends, He walks with us when there is no road in sight. Though it may seem as though He’s saying “that’s as far as it goes”, if we stop and listen to what He tells us we may realize that He truly loves us and gives us everything, there is no limit to His love and how much of it He pours out on us.
“I’m gonna make all your dreams come true, but after that, baby, I’m through…”. Again, listen! God is not saying He is through! He places our dreams on our hearts and one of our deepest desires (believe it or not) is for God, we long for Him. So if our dream is for Him and He makes all of our dreams come true, then He is NEVER through because our dream is to be with Him for eternity!
Like I said, there is a meaning behind this song that just makes me smile and reminisce and get all nostalgic, but this song also reminds me that while I may think that God is somehow holding out on me, He isn’t – there is no limit to His love!

Today and everyday, may you find and see God in the unexpected places!

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