a happy Scribe.

So I promised some quotes from the book to keep you engaged and excited! I’m happy to announce that I accomplished my goal and finished editing the first draft of the book, draft two is now complete! God only knows how many versions and drafts there will be, but I am excited for all of it!

This week’s quote comes from the introduction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the introduction and yet each time I read it I am more excited than the last. God is packing a punch!

“While there may be nothing that I could say to hook you, there is an infinite amount that God has to say that will hook you, intrigue you and invite you to go deeper. In fact, I hope that He speaks far more through this book than I shall, for I am but a happy scribe of the Most High (it is important to note that, by the grace of God alone, I am quite different from the Scribes that Jesus so often condemned)…So we embark, we set out on this road not knowing what we will find or what troubles may befall us and we wait to see what awaits us just around the river bend. I pray that this book is like a compass on this journey, pointing you on, encouraging you to be exactly what you were created to be: worthy.

…and the Disney reference goes to?

What I’m Listening To:
“Miss Me Baby” by Chris Cagle
“Devil’s Been Talkin'” by NeedToBreathe
“A Place Only You Can Go” by NeedToBreathe
“That Way Again” by Lee Brice

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