the beggar in Me.

Open hands beggingI’ll be honest, more often than not when I pass a homeless person or someone begging on the side of the road I give them nothing more than a smile. Maybe, just maybe, if I happen to have extra food in my car and the light doesn’t change, I’ll give them of my excess, but that’s as far as I go. Perhaps it is the time of year or the way my husband inspires me (more on that later), but I’ve been struck by beggars more lately. (Struck in the sense that I can’t simply pass them by without a notice, not struck in the sense that they are hitting my car – to be clear!) Continue reading

learning Patience.

{Warning: I mention miscarriage in this post – not mine – but it comes up.}

journey Mary and JosephIt really isn’t a big secret that my favorite times of year are the ‘purple’ times of year: Advent and Lent. I love them both for so many different reasons, but each season encourages me to grow and be stretched.

Advent, at least for me, is all about waiting – something I’m characteristically bad at. But at our last ultrasound appointment, I got an important lesson on why being patient is so important. Continue reading

our love Story {big, important things}.

our love storyI’m not going to lie, I’ve been stalling on writing this last installment (the prior parts can be found here). How does one sum up four months in one post when it feels like SO much happened in those weeks and months?

Anthony returned from Lebanon and we’d officially spent half of our relationship up to that point half a world away from each other. I got used to sleeping through the night again (no more 3am phone calls) and he got used to the Colorado time zone. School began again for him and he went back to teaching as I adjusted to a new full-time job. One weekend in August (the 24th to be exact) we went out to Smash Burger (which I’m currently craving like madness, but alas, Baby Girl does not like beef, apparently). I distinctly remember sitting in the restaurant when Anthony asked me if I’d like to join him in Michigan for Thanksgiving. In all honesty, I hadn’t completely expected it. The last time we talked about me meeting his family it seemed as though he thought our meeting was at least a year out, but here he was asking me to fly home with him and meet his family for the holiday. Of course, I said yes. Continue reading

it isn’t about Jesus.

Our Lady of MepkinI can still remember sitting in high school youth group when our youth minister asked us what we were celebrating on the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. I was just beginning to dive into the faith and the teachings of the Church. I, like most teens in the youth group, thought that the Immaculate Conception was about Jesus. It makes sense, right? He was and is immaculate, that is, without sin, and He had to be conceived at some point, thus Immaculate Conception. Wrong. This solemnity has almost nothing to do with Jesus. Continue reading

our love Story {first date}.

our love storyHow has it taken me four installments just to get to our first date? Because it took us a year and a half to get there – and a few bumps and broken hearts along the way. Let’s see if we can’t cover three months in one post, shall we?

Anthony called me on a Wednesday to ask me out. I remember because we had youth group that week (I was still a youth minister at the time). As per usual, the middle school teens took an interest in where my love life was at. Also per their usual, they suggested that I date Mr. Sloan, only this time – unlike all of the other times for the last year and a half – I had to keep my feelings legitimately under wraps. You see, they had been on my case (not on his, of course) to date him. At first he was the only male teacher at the school, so I kind of wrote their suggestions off, but the more I knew and heard about him, the harder it made it to fake it around the teens. I didn’t want to let on that he’d just called me to ask me out, so I quickly got back on topic and went on with the night. Continue reading

for the hard Days.

Anthony-Amanda-Wedding-0404-2Marriage isn’t all happy days and rainbows. It isn’t all fresh flowers just because and breakfast in bed. There are going to be hard days, there are going to be days that will try you in ways you never imagined you could be tried, let alone by the one you married. But those days will come, those arguments will happen and when the storms come, you (you, reader and me, author) need something to get you through it all. May these words be what helps us get through. Continue reading

what marriage is teaching Me. {vol. 5}

what marriage is teaching me link upHappy Thanksgiving, y’all! Last Thursday of the month means it is time for another ‘what marriage is teaching me’ link-up. Post yours in the comments below!

Since it is Thanksgiving, I’m going to try to keep this month’s installment short, but I’ve got two things that marriage is teaching me:
1. That I’m not perfect
2. Gratefulness Continue reading