our love Story {asking me out}.

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Recap from last time: I was now on relationship #3 in all the time (a year and a half) I’d known “Mr. Sloan” but he was always there in the background…

I was still working at the same parish where I’d first met (or not met) Anthony Sloan. He was still teaching there. I’d see him and he’d still take my breath away (literally) with how attractive he was. And yet almost every time I’d see him, I was dating someone else. Continue reading

to the moms in Church.

Dear Moms who bring their kids to daily Mass, Church, adoration, and other church-ly activities,

Thanks. Thanks for being an inspiration to women like me who are getting ready to start our own little screaming, crying, talk-whenever-they-want, make-all-kinds-of-bodily-noises brood. The fact that you bring your one (or seven, or somewhere in between) children to daily Mass with you gives me hope.  Continue reading

our love Story {staring and dreaming}.

our love storyPart one and part two – just to catch you up ;-)

When last we’d left off, Anthony and I were yet again not exactly speaking since I’d mentioned that I was seeing someone at the time.

Fast forward three weeks and the relationship I was in came to a screeching and heart-breaking end. In fact, the day the break up happened, I called in sick to work. The next day I dragged myself to work, if only to get out of my pajamas for a little while. When lunch time rolled around, I made my way down to the kitchen in the parish office. As I was waiting for my meal to heat up, I found myself staring out the window… Continue reading

on gender reveals and unsolicited Opinions.

Generally speaking, I think of myself as a fairly calm and collected person. Right? Right. I have my hot button issues (don’t we all?) but by and large I try to keep a level head about myself…unless you start trash talking and/or say something negative about my child. If that’s the case, you’ve suddenly awakened a beast the likes of which you may never have seen before. Let’s call this sudden and instant rage face the Momma Bear Phenomenon, or MBP for short.

Google "Momma Bear" and this is the first thing that comes up. Pretty fitting, I think.

Google “Momma Bear” and this is the first thing that comes up. Pretty fitting, I think.

I know, I know that people are divided about whether or not you should find out the gender of your child before they are born. I also know that when you work at a church the size of the one I work at (6,000+ families), in a job as public as the one I work in, people are bound to have even more of an opinion. What’s more, is that all of these people are even more likely to blurt out their opinions whether you ask for them or not. That’s fine and I’m getting used to that, but if you judge me, my husband or our child based on your opinion, you are bound to get a healthy dose of MBP up in your grill. Continue reading

our love Story {boy talks to girl}.

our love storyPart one can be found here.

We left off in the school cafeteria with Anthony sitting next to me and purposely ignoring me. That was September of 2011. We saw each other periodically at work things, but we spent the majority of our time in different buildings which were separated by a somewhat busy street. I imagine that chasing fifty 5th grade students around kept him pretty busy. I was still dating the same guy I was when I didn’t meet Anthony the first time around. Every time we crossed paths – which was maybe five or ten times and it was always in passing – I was struck by how attractive he was…despite the fact that I was with someone else. Hey, he was attractive then and he’s attractive now. That’s just life. Continue reading

and we’re having a Baby…


Oh, were you waiting for a gender reveal? Have you been checking the blog frantically because you know we found out a week ago and I haven’t bothered to update the blog yet?! I’m sure that’s not true of anyone out there, but a blogger can dream, right? Right.

In any event…here’s how the ultrasound went down: Continue reading

our love Story {boy meets girl…sort of}.

our love storyIn honor of the month of our engagement (it has been a year already?!) and inspired by Olivia (who, in my head, I call Liv because I’m obsessed with her blog and feel like I actually know her) over at To The Heights, I’ve decided to sit down and write out the longer version of our love story. Shorter versions – in case you aren’t in the mood for my ramblings – can be found here and hereContinue reading