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“Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”” – Matthew 19:14 Monkey’s faith and joy are incredible. Almost daily she can be found belting out “ALLELULAAAA” at the top of her lungs somewhere in the […]

childlike Faith.

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As you may or may not know, I’m a mom. I’m a mom all day, every day. While I am, at least technically, a part-time missionary, I am still a full-time mom, one who spends the majority of her days at home with two kids. On the off chance that […]

the need for Him.

Way back when I wrote out Mistletoe’s birth story I alluded to a post about God’s perfect timing when it came to her birth and how His plans are – no surprise – better than mine. Here was my dream for labor and delivery: -Feast of the Immaculate Conception or the […]

perfect Timing.

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The closer Lent gets, the more I find myself justifying why I don’t need to give up something for the liturgical season. Life, after all, has given me Lent, or so I tell myself. Our house is tiny. We’ve been stuck inside for months because of snow, ice, and frigid temps. Nursing […]

when life gives you Lent.

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It was one of those weeks, those weeks that shake your very foundations. Emotional upheaval hardly seems to cover what that week felt like. At the end of said week I found myself in adoration, grappling for some sense of…something. Something secure, steady, sure, or even logical. I sat and […]

how they see Me.

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Somehow it has been a whopping six weeks since my last blog. Believe you me, I’ve tried many times to write since then. For some odd reason, the link I used to sign in wasn’t working and, because I have two small children, I didn’t ever have enough time to […]

so that’s how to log In.

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To be perfectly frank, 2016 was exactly nothing I was planning or expecting. Not in the least. And yet it has been one of the most amazing years ever. Before I get into the nitty gritty of the year and how I remember it, let’s look back at the goals I set for […]

a year in review, a year in Preview.

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In the weeks leading up to Mistletoe’s birth I kept coming back to the story of creation. God allows Man to name every created thing. Each creation comes before Man to be named. God could have easily named everything and just told Man what everything was called, end of story, […]

naming Her.

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It started out as a day like any other, or so I thought. As was typical for me, once the noon hour passed without any real contractions, I gave up thinking that that would be the day our daughter would be born. For weeks the only thing I wanted to […]

mistletoe is Here! {a birth story}

As of writing this post, I am 37 weeks, 4 days pregnant. I am to the point where not only do the weeks matter, but so do the days. Every single day counts, and every single day gets me one day closer to meeting our next daughter. Lately I have […]

no resurrection without the Cross.

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Depending on your/your doctor’s definition of ‘full-term’, I hit full-term in my pregnancy last Sunday (so I’m 37 weeks, 2 days along right now) and I’m a pile of walking contradictions. I like to think I’ve done better this pregnancy in terms of being cranky/angry/hating being pregnant, but now, with […]

the {cranky} End.

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As previously announced, I have written a new book! I asked for suggestions on the title and you all had some truly amazing ideas! To recap, the book is a bible study about 7 women from the Old Testament and what we learn from them today. After much prayer and […]

and the title Is…