The book is just days away from being re-released and if I find one more teeny tiny issue with it, I might just scream. Anyway, my family and I are on the road to FOCUS training right now (I pre-wrote this post) and I’m not 100% sure what blogging will […]

brand new cover Revealed!

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Recently I wrote about how my husband and I are becoming missionaries with FOCUS and what a stretch this move will be for us. We are, of course, incredibly excited, but also a little overwhelmed by all of the things that are about to change in our lives. I’ve frequently looked […]

really, really stepping out of the Boat.

As we get ready to leave for FOCUS training next week, I’ve begun saying goodbye to some friends who I may never get to see again. While it is so sad to think about not being able to have coffee, play dates, or spiritual direction meetings with these people again, […]

goodbyes and Catholicism.

As our daughter learns and grows, she also has some falls. She learns to climb on things and then has to figure out how to get down safely – or not so safely. Recently she was playing on the ledge by our fireplace (which we basically never use). She was […]

bumps, bruises, and mommy Magic.

So it turns out that designing the book covers – front and back – is a little more work than I thought it might be. I am working very hard to make sure the covers are as perfect as I’ve dreamed them up to be. What that means in the […]

book non-Update.

How I sometimes feel at my job...
More often than not, I wake up in the morning and think of any number of countdowns: 3 hours until storytime at the library, 15 days until we leave for FOCUS training, etc. As I go through the day, I look at the clock and almost instantly calculate how long […]

counting down and wishing Away.

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My family and I leave for training for FOCUS in less than three weeks. We’ll be at training for five weeks, then we return home and have six weeks to fundraise our salary and pack up our house. With such crazy timelines, I’ve started packing now. The amount of stuff  that […]

decluttering for the glory of God.

baby proof
Recently our daughter was playing in the kitchen while I cleaned up dinner. At this point there are only two drawers that aren’t child-proofed. Those two drawers are where we keep all of her dishes and things, and she’s free to pull them out and play with them as she […]

baby-proofing and life Lessons.

pinching pennies and eating 1 comment
When I was working full-time I was not the best cook. I knew a few meals (many of which came out of a box) and rotated those quite frequently. I’d go grocery shopping and pick up some staples, but I’d usually be back at the store a few days later […]

pinching pennies and eating Extravagantly.

Sometimes in life, the Good Lord puts it on our hearts and on our conscience to say something to someone, even if that something to be said is difficult. However, just because it is on your heart/conscience to say something, doesn’t mean you can bulldoze over someone under the guise […]

clearing the Conscience.

Our monthly budget – a single Catholic school teacher’s salary – would be a lot easier if I weren’t taking out 10% of it off the top every month. In our budgeting program, tithing is the first thing we budget for, even before our mortgage. It is hard to see […]

it isn’t Ours.

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For far too long I put off editing the book. I’ve talked about it, written about it, dreamed about it, and then let it sit around, completely untouched. I kept making the excuse that I just didn’t have the time, so it never happened. When the new year came around, […]

book Update!