the funny side of Marriage.

When you dream about getting married, you tend to do so with rose-colored glasses on (at least I did). Then you get married and realize that, while it isn’t all hearts and roses all the time, it can still be pretty darn funny.

You dream about waking up next to that sweet someone every morning…but you don’t realize that neither of you is used to sharing a bed with someone, so you frequently wake each other up because your morning stretches jab the other person. Elbow to the eye socket, head bonk, hand over the face, you get the idea.

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what marriage is teaching Me. {vol. 3}

what marriage is teaching me link upHooray – we’re back for another month’s installment of what marriage is teaching me/us! Same as last month, put your links in the comments – I can’t wait to read what marriage is teaching you!

I think that I’ve had at least ten different ideas about what I could write about this month. Marriage is teaching me something new every day. Maybe it is just the early stages, but maybe it isn’t, because marriage is meant to teach us and draw us closer to God every day. Most recently I’ve realized how much marriage is teaching me about the words I use. Continue reading

a holy Wife.

Mary alcove at St. James CathedralI didn’t always love Mary. Don’t get me wrong, she’s awesome. She is the mother of Christ, after all.

When I was in high school and first learned that Mary was only about 14 when she was pregnant with Jesus, I was in awe, and yet I felt so far from her. The only things I thought we had in common were that we were about the same age and that we are both women, but that’s where our similarities ended.  Continue reading

when it doesn’t feel like a Baby.

I’m not sure when I actually felt pregnant. I took the at-home test, took the pictures of it, told my husband and…it didn’t feel real.

We told our parents and our closest friends – they rejoiced, we rejoiced…and it didn’t feel real.

I called the doctor and started taking pre-natal vitamins. We scheduled our first pre-natal appointment and, surprise surprise, it didn’t feel real.

It didn’t feel real when I peed in a cup at the doctor’s office, when they took three vials of blood, or when they sat me down to talk about various pregnancy things. Continue reading

the spiritual side of Pregnancy.

I promise that not every single post for the next however many months I’ve got left will be about pregnancy. I promise. Y’all know I write about what’s on my heart and where God puts me, and for right now, that’s smack dab in the middle of pregnancy.

I’d like to think that I was pretty well prepared, or at least well aware of the physical things that can (and do) happen during pregnancy. You know the normal list, morning sickness, sore ta-tas, exhaustion, irritability, frequent urination, mood swings (think PMS on steroids). Of course there have been a few symptoms I didn’t expect such as excessive saliva (that’s a thing? A pregnancy thing? Yes. And it is weird.). Women often talk about the physical side, even the emotional side of pregnancy. Some women are over the moon about being pregnant and others hate it. Some love it after the first trimester, others would sooner have the baby arrive via stork. What almost no one talks about is the spiritual side of pregnancy. Continue reading

helping hands and Paws.

“If we want to live a life of love of God, we must not fail in our love towards our neighbor.” -St. Therese of Lisieux

I’m convinced that when people give out of love, great things happen. When lots of people give out of love, lives are changed. I have an opportunity to share with you, to give a little to make a huge difference and change a little boy’s life. (What you find in this post is from my dear friend Gina, who shared Jen and Cameron’s story with me – these words are not my own, but the desire to share and help out is something I simply couldn’t turn my back on.) Continue reading

shaming Pregnancy.

just dont say it pregnancy{Consider this a revised edition of “just don’t say it: Pregnancy” written by yours truly – at least for the early stages of pregnancy!}

I knew that less than charitable comments about pregnancy were possible. The vast majority of my friends have children, so I can’t say I’m totally surprised by some of things that people have said to me since we announced that we are pregnant and yet…I am. So now I give you the top ways to shame a pregnancy (even the very first one!) and/or ensure that next time around you won’t be told until, say, after the baby is born. (A few of these can be said in a charitable way, but often times the tone implies something less charitable.) Continue reading