what’s in a Name?

{written while pregnant because I’m itching to share her name, so why not write a post about why we picked it?}

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”
-William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

Sophia Thérèse

By any other name, I’m sure she’d be as sweet, but her name makes me love her all the more.  Continue reading

on Obedience.


1. I’ve begun pre-writing posts, so the fact that this is appearing is not at all indicative of whether Monkey has been born yet or not. Unless I say otherwise, you may want to assume that all the BISsisterhood posts have been pre-written/written while pregnant.
2. I like publishing my post the day before the link up goes live on Blessed Is She – and today it worked out perfectly.}

Obedience. Honestly, I tend to laugh at the word. I know what it means, but I don’t always (or often) think of myself as an obedient person. That isn’t to say that I’m a rebel or necessarily disobedient, but obedience isn’t a quality I tend to pride myself on.  Continue reading

the day is here…or is It?

I’m writing this the night before Monkey’s actual due date, so this is subject to some change, though that change seems unlikely at this point!

The due date is here, the due date is here! March 24th – I feel like I’ve said this date a million times in the last nine months. It is a date I’ve been anxious for, excited for, nervous for, and every emotion in between. Here it is! Hooray! Let’s have a party! With a baby! …still inside my belly. Continue reading

unspoken Hopes.

Anthony-Amanda-Wedding-0437Ever since my junior year in high school when I had my reversion, I knew that I wanted to marry a Catholic. There were things I knew and hoped for in my heart, but I never really gave voice to them. I simply wanted to marry someone I could share the faith with, who understood the basics of being Catholic and didn’t have any big hang-ups about the Church. Continue reading

on Trust {and lacking it, too}.


If I’m being honest, I’d rather just skip this prompt all together – it is challenging me and poking me too much in all of the places I don’t want to be challenged. I’d rather hide, run away, ignore it all and wait until next week’s prompt. All that from a single word: trust. Continue reading

thoughts from the Inside.

Inspired by Julie’s post (or should I say Laura’s post?), I’ve been thinking a lot about what life from Monkey’s side of the womb looks like…

I figured out a fun new game today! All I have to do is push my feet up against whatever those hard things are (Mom says they are her ribs?) and push my way down. It is fun, but I don’t think Mommy likes this game as much as I do.

I even found my own squishy pillow in here too, it is quite comfy. Maybe it isn’t a pillow though… Continue reading

a nursery fit for a Monkey.

I promised it was coming, and made it a goal for the month, and here it is: Monkey’s nursery! Some before pictures, and a whole lot of after pictures. I’m so excited for her perfect little room!

The first time we saw the house, before we ever decided to make an offer, we knew this room would need to be painted. Desperately. Anthony teases me that I literally wouldn’t let people *look* at the room when they came to visit, and now I splash pictures of it up in the interwebs. It was awful and the pictures hardly do it justice. Continue reading