…I thee wed. The ring that Anthony gave me on the day he proposed isn’t the ring that binds us, and I love that. I never had, nor did I want to have, my engagement ring and wedding band soldered together. I wanted them to be separate because, at least […]

with this Ring…

There is something I often have to catch myself at as we raise two children: they are individuals, not just a group of kids. It sounds simple enough to remember, but often times I think of them as one thing, one task to manage, love, raise, and teach. Rather, they […]

not just a face in the Crowd.

This morning during daily Mass, my family and I sat in the first pew. As the priests were processing in, I didn’t stand up. For those of you non-Catholic readers out there, that is a normal time in the so-called ‘Catholic aerobics’ to stand up. From someone’s vantage point in […]

baseball, football, and understanding it All.

I’ve long since thought the world could use more silence, ever since studying the desert fathers in my early theology classes. As it is, we get so little chance for silence in our world today. The hubbub of traffic, earbuds, computers, phones, and the like prevent us from really entering […]

on Silence.

Like most “good” Catholics I know, I love Mary (as in, the Blessed Virgin, or whatever title you refer to her as). I say good Catholics in quotes because it is almost a Catholic thing to love Mary, even if you don’t know her very well. But really, who among […]

a love like the Mother’s.

After three moves in just over three years – two of those moves across state lines – I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about how to efficiently move. Each time the move gets easier (please remind me of that if we have to move again at […]

moving and unpacking Hacks.

Almost without fail the following scenario happens when it has been a while since I’ve blogged: Think all day about finally, finally,¬†finally getting to write a new blog. Happen upon 2-7 amazing, incredible, inspiring blog posts by other bloggers before my carved out writing time rolls around. Desire to write […]

hello, old Friends.

Last week was Natural Family Planning (NFP) week. Typically I’m one to join right in, praising NFP and how wonderful it is, but this year I didn’t. Instead, I sat back and read truth after truth about how hard NFP can be. I started charting years before I married Anthony. […]

sharing the Story.

If parenthood has taught me anything (and, believe me, it has taught me many things), it is how deep the Father’s love for us is. As Monkey learns more and more words, she continues to struggle with the difference between a need and a want. On some level she grasps […]

wants, needs, and the Father.

Before I got married I thought that you¬†had to give 10% of your income to your local parish, no questions asked. It wasn’t until Anthony and I started talking more about tithing that I realized that your tithe doesn’t actually have to go completely to the parish. Don’t get me […]

thoughts on Tithing.

At this point in my life I’ve birthed two babies without any pain medicine whatsoever. It hurt and there’s a reason it is called labor, but in the last few weeks I’ve experienced an even more profound physical pain: kidney stones. I had one in college during finals week but […]

searing Pain.

Here’s what our ‘summer’ has looked like so far (also known as All The Reasons I Haven’t Blogged In Two Months): Pack up our {crummy} apartment in Boise. Drive to Denver from Boise. 13 hours in two days with two little kids and cars filled with…stuff. Spend two weeks in […]

summer Insanity.