What is Agape?

What does “Agape” mean anyway?

what is AgapeAgape is an unmerited, undeserved, freely given love that washes over all of us, whether we are are aware of it or not.  Agape is one of the Greek words for defining love, the others being eros (erotic love) and philia (brotherly or familial love).  Something certainly gets lost in translation with agape and I find that no English word or words will do to explain agape.  Agape is unconditional, unending, all encompassing, beautiful, radiant, majestic love.  I’ve always thought that a word meant more when it was capitalized and so it fits that the love God pours out on us should be capitalized, hence the name of the blog (and why all of the blog titles have the last word capitalized, to match the name of the blog).  Agape is the love that we receive from God, whether we want it or not.  If we accept it, it fills our hearts and changes our lives.

You are worthy of the love of God.

You are worthy of unconditional, never failing, self-sacrificing, active love.

You are worthy of intentional love.

You are worthy of the love of Jesus, poured out on the cross, in the sacrifice of the Mass.

You are worthy of selfless love.

You are worthy of a love feast – I love this definition of agape, it just makes me smile.  I think of a huge banquet of the finest foods set out before me (and somehow in this scene I imagine, I’m also blessed with an infinitely large stomach, though I don’t ever get sick from over-eating, nor do I put on weight).  You are worthy of a feast of love.  What an awesome image.

You are worthy of Agape.