About Me:


I’m a twenty-something Catholic originally from Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Belmont Abbey College in Belmont, NC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and minors in Psychology and Philosophy. After over six years in parish ministry (youth ministry as well as faith formation), I’m an affiliate missionary/missionary spouse. I’m married to a wonderful, holy, loving man named Anthony, who serves as a full-time missionary with FOCUS. We got married May 31, 2014. If free time existed in my world I’d spend it hiking and exploring the mountains {and the world}.

The Cast:

Anthony (a.k.a. hubs, hubby, ‘A’)


Born and raised in Michigan, Anthony came to Denver for grad school. Before he finished his Master’s, he began teaching at the school we’d eventually meet at. He also has two Bachelor’s in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan (but we don’t talk about that since a large part of my family is from Ohio…). He’s four years older than I, and even more handsome than that picture suggests. He’s holy and inspires me in more ways than I can count. It is an honor and a privilege to be his wife, the mother of his children and journey to heaven with him.

Monkey (a.k.a. Sophia)


Born March 25, 2015 (our Annunciation baby!), our darling daughter entered the world at 9:53pm and stole our hearts.

Mistletoe (a.k.a. Caeli)

Born December 10, 2016 (the feast of Our Lady of Loreto!), our second daughter is a joy and a blessing, growing our hearts more than we thought possible.

About the Blog:

I started this blog because I was in a funk in my life and I needed something that gave me purpose and meaning. Little did I know how much God would and does use me to speak to His children. I hope and pray that He continues to speak through me. I am but a happy scribe (and hopefully a good scribe, not like the biblical ones that Jesus condemned). I hope you find peace and comfort here.

Three Random Facts About Me (these will periodically change):

I have a life goal of visiting every Catholic cathedral in the United States before I die. My favorite so far, by far, is the Cathedral of St. James in Seattle, Washington.

My husband and I dated for seven months before he proposed and we got married six months and one day later.

I tend to ‘disappear’ from the world on my birthday, no cell phone, no social media, and no one I know. It is peaceful and one of the best birthday presents ever.

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Commenting Policy*:
I’d like to imagine the comboxes as a forum where an intelligent, spirited exchange of ideas can take place. That does happen, but some days it seems like people treat them more like bathroom walls. I have no interest in providing a blank space for atheists, anti-Catholics, and people who’ve skipped their meds to scrawl meaningless junk on my site.

If a comment is painfully stupid, insulting, and devoid of content, offensive, off-topic, or completely irrelevant, the writer is added to the spam filter. I do not check the spam filter, except when bored or looking for a good laugh. I trust the spam filter to do its job, and it does it very well. That means someone may well type out some long ranting post, about how I am a stupid woman who knows nothing and shall never find her future husband, that I shall never see. I will somehow get over this loss.

You may also wind up in the spam filter if your tag contains a link to a spammy-looking site, or simply because of weird English, or bad links, or your brand of deodorant. Some of its decisions are mysterious and capricious, but I simply can’t comb through them all looking for the real ones that might get sucked into its gaping maw.

Insults alone are not enough to get a comment spam-killed. I can trade insults with readers all day long if they’re interesting enough. However, insults + nothing to say = Welcome to Spamland.

I am not here to reassure trolls of their okayness, and this space is not here for them to post long screeds about whatever. If they want to do that, they can start their own blog. It’s free! Additionally, I reserve the right to use anonymous comments in blog posts however I see fit – you can’t say you weren’t warned!

*Adapted from God and The Machine’s comment policy