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Stella Maris Swaddle

Stella Maris Swaddle

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Our Lady, Star of the Sea, also known as Stella Maris, inspired this shimmery design. Modeled after our best-selling Stella Maris blanket, this swaddle is buttery soft, perfect for babies' skin. A gorgeous teal background allows one to think of the most beautiful oceans. Atop the teal are white swirls, conjuring up restful, peaceful waves gently coming upon the shore. In between the waves are a few of the lyrics of the Ave Maris Stella hymn. In particular, the lyrics, "guide me, Star of the Sea" as well as, "be a Mother to me" and "gate of heavenly rest".  Whether you are comforting an upset baby or simply trying to get a little one to sleep, this soft and comforting swaddle will not only calm your baby, but you as well. Wrap your baby in prayer and the love of Our Lady, Star of the Sea (also called Stella Maris), as he or she drifts off to sleep.

Swaddle Details

  • Double layer bamboo cotton fiber muslin material
  • 70% bamboo, 30% cotton
  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Printing on one side
  • Measures approximately 47'' x 47''
  • Machine-washable
  • Highlights Our Lady, Star of the Sea

Disclaimer / Attribution

All artwork designs and styles on this website are the original work of Amanda/worthy of Agape. Furthermore, public, commercial, or any other use of these designs that goes beyond personal use is not allowed without expressed, written consent of worthy of Agape.
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