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this moment Now.

September 26, 2012

The Song of the Week is, at least for this week, back! I finally, finally bought Tyrone Wells’ EP “Beautiful World” last week and let me say it is worth every penny. I have yet to come across a song from Tyrone that I don’t like, and after seeing him in concert in May I…


let love In.

July 18, 2012

There are days that I think nearly every Goo Goo Dolls song could be about God…at least most of their more recent songs.  It wasn’t until this song popped back into my head the other day that I realized its true beauty.



July 11, 2012

In high school, even before my conversion, I loved writing papers about religious symbolism in books.  I think it actually drove one of my teachers nuts.  I’d find symbolism and God in a book that seemingly had nothing to do with God.  I was convinced that I could find God anywhere, so my love for…



July 4, 2012

Sometimes Monday’s blog and the song of the week go together.  Sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it’s not.  This week, it is a little of both.  Enjoy. Rock or Knock: ROCK. Song: Beloved Artist: Tenth Avenue North


love done Gone.

June 27, 2012

Before I begin this week’s “Rock or Knock” featured song I want to remind you that this FRIDAY, June 29th, is going to be one epic day here at worthy of Agape!  In case you haven’t heard yet (be sure to “like” worthy of Agape on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter @worthyofagape for updates!)…


why Wait

June 20, 2012

It is about time I gave some songs to the other side of the “Rock or Knock” series… Rock or Knock: Knock. Song: Why Wait Artist: Rascal Flatts Lyrics: What’aya say girl, we do somethin’ crazy Quit puttin’ it off, you know what I’m sayin’ Ain’t like it ain’t gunna happen, forever’s a given It’s already…



June 13, 2012

Some weeks it is better to let the lyrics speak for themselves and then comment after.  Actually, that’s probably the best modus operandi for every week!  Without further ado… Rock or Knock: Rock. Song: Fall Artist: Clay Walker Album: Fall Lyrics: Oh, look, there you go again Puttin’ on that smile again Even though I…


hold my Love.

June 6, 2012

There are no words to preface this song, only words to follow it. Enjoy. Rock or Knock: Rock Song: Hold My Love Artist: Patrick Finegan Album: Beautiful Mess (out on iTunes and Amazon now!) Lyrics: It seems that lately we’re running ‘round in circles Short tempered with everything between us Its hard enough to fight…


what about Now

May 30, 2012

Sometimes songs that you’ve listened to for years and never really thought about suddenly jump out at you with God in the midst of the lyrics.  Today, this is that song. Rock or Knock: Rock Song: What About Now Artist: Daughtry Album: Daughtry Lyrics: Shadows fill an empty heart As love is fading, From all…


you still love Me.

May 23, 2012

Maybe I didn’t accurately name this series since I’ve rarely featured a song that I knocked…I’m totally open to a new name for this series… Rock or Knock: Rock. Song: You Still Love Me Artist: Tyrone Wells Album: Where We Meet Lyrics: It’s taken years to build this house At least a thousand cards, and…



May 16, 2012

Typically I know what song I want to feature days in advance.  I would have liked to have written this post hours ago but I haven’t been able to nail down a song, mostly because my head is still in a bit of a funk, but more on that some other time (God knows this…


steady my Heart.

May 9, 2012

Rock or Knock: Rock. Artist: Kari Jobe Song: Steady My Heart. Lyrics: Wish it could be easy Why is life so messy Why is pain a part of us There are days I feel like Nothing ever goes right Sometimes it just hurts so much But You’re here You’re real I know I can trust…



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