Meet Amanda

Hi, there!

I'm Amanda, the creative force behind worthy of Agape.

Back in 2011 I started worthy of Agape as a blog after being dumped on Valentine's Day. Sad, but true. I was in a job I really didn't love, and a blog became this incredible space to share, evangelize, and make friends.

In 2014 I married Anthony in the parish I grew up in (and worked at!). In 2015 we had our first daughter, and, after more than six years in parish ministry, I quit my job to stay home with our daughter.

Then the Lord called us to something crazy: missionary life. I first floated the idea to my husband and it wasn't long before we applied and were accepted as FOCUS missionaries. Two weeks after we were accepted, we realized we were pregnant with our second child who was born in Idaho during our first year on mission.

In 2017 my family was anonymously gifted a set of saint peg dolls. I spent the summer that year playing with them (possibly more than my kids did!) and when we settled down in our next assignment in the fall, I started painting my own pegs and I was hooked. A few months later - after a lot of encouragement from my husband, Anthony - I opened up shop. Not unlike our call to missionary life, a few weeks after opening up shop, I found out I was pregnant with our third daughter.

What started as saint peg dolls has become so much more. While much of the world shut down in 2020, worthy of Agape expanded to include apparel, blankets, coloring sheets, and a new style of peg dolls: kokeshis!

Saint peg dolls and the Mass sets continue to be the bedrock of what you'll find around here. But more than that, the focus is always the Saints and the Sacraments as the vehicles and inspiration for becoming a saint in the here and now.