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This song has been a long time coming.  In fact, this song and “Not Myself” are the two reasons I started this series in the first place.  However, while this song has been on my heart it just hasn’t been the time to write it, there always seemed to be a […]

just a Kiss

I forgot how much I loved this song until I rediscovered it lying in wait on my computer.  What a beautiful song this is, its just relaxing to listen to, and then to find such wonder in the lyrics makes it that much more amazing!  Without further ado, the song […]

til kingdom Come

Alright, at first glance this song really isn’t about waiting.  Perhaps even at a second glance it isn’t about waiting, but what it is about is true Love, so without further ado, the song of the week: Artist: John Mayer (I’ve been a little stuck on him lately, if you […]

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