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Break-up excuse: ……(silence)….. Why it sucks in human relationships: Because its not even a real excuse, its a lack of excuse.  It lacks courage and basic communication.  It lacks even the most basic respect for other human beings.  When one person simply stops speaking to the other it says that the […]

the utter Silence.

I always want to give a preface to the excuse of the week but since I explain things so much in the bulk of the blog, I don’t really know that I need a preface.  Now…moving on from my random ramblings to the excuse of the week: Break up excuse: […]

just not Yet.

It’s that time again…time for another crappy break-up excuse that we also use on God, foolishly thinking we can break up with the God of the Universe.  Without further ado, the excuse of the week: Break up excuse: You have all the qualities I’m looking for in a future spouse…you’re […]

all the right Qualities

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So…after much debating I’ve decided to change up the “song of the week” series for a bit, meaning that until further notice that series is going on a vacation (to some place tropical, I imagine!).  For the time being, in its place I’ll be starting a new series on Wednesdays […]

its Me.