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One might read that title and think, “Of course, she’s not making peace with Buddha, she’s Catholic.” In one sense, you’d be right. But the Buddha I’m referring to is more of a phenomenon than the actual Buddha himself. Its funny (read: not funny) how pregnancy changes the world around […]

making peace, but not with Buddha.

Each pregnancy goes through three stages. In medical terms they are called first, second and third trimesters. Original, I know. But each individual pregnancy goes through many different stages. Some of them are funny, some of them are not so funny. As best I can remember, I’m writing out the […]

stages of this Pregnancy.

HUMAN! Oh, were you waiting for a gender reveal? Have you been checking the blog frantically because you know we found out a week ago and I haven’t bothered to update the blog yet?! I’m sure that’s not true of anyone out there, but a blogger can dream, right? Right. In […]

and we’re having a Baby…