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It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn about God the Father by raising children of my own. And to think, I only have two kids, and two young kids at that – how much I still have to learn!

Lately our two year old has been struggling with new tasks or trying new things. She’ll attempt to put on a pair of pants by herself and get frustrated that she can’t figure out the zipper and snaps. As her frustration mounts, she gets upset, cries, or pulls off the pants and throws them on the floor in a fit of rage. This is a reaction I can totally relate to since she probably gets it from me. When things in life get frustrating, my irritation grows. I cry, yell, or want to scrap the project all together. From where I’m sitting, my toddler’s problems seem so easy. I tell her time and time again, “it is okay, just call me to ask for help, I’m always happy to help you.” Because I do want to help her, but if she doesn’t call, if she doesn’t alert me to her desire for my intervention, how will I know?

How must God the Father feel when He sees me flailing about, crying over some problem in my life? I sit in prayer – or even, at times, avoid prayer – just crying. Weeping. I’m so frustrated at whatever is on my plate and I just sob. Have I stopped to ask for His help? Have I called out to Him or do I merely want Him to be the shoulder I cry on, the person I let my anger out at? Am I hoping He’ll just sit idly by as I throw a temper tantrum of my own?

So often I am just like my toddler, upset at little things, making them out to be the world’s biggest problems. I lose myself in my own frustrations, too blinded by my irritation or pain to cry out for help. So blinded, in fact, that it wasn’t until I’d told my toddler for the thousandth time, “all you have to do is ask for help, I’m here. I want to help you” that I realized God whispers the same thing to me a thousand times a day. All I have to do is ask for help. He sees me. He sees my frustrations, the things on my plate that are overwhelming me, but He doesn’t force His help on me. He waits for my invitation, all I have to do is ask.

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