book non-Update.

So it turns out that designing the book covers – front and back – is a little more work than I thought it might be. I am working very hard to make sure the covers are as perfect as I’ve dreamed them up to be. What that means in the practical sense is that the book won’t be ready in time for the re-release date on Saturday as I had originally hoped.

The only thing left is to finalize the cover designs, literally everything else is done and ready to go. We leave for FOCUS training two weeks from yesterday and mark my words, the book covers WILL be done by time we leave for training and the book WILL be re-released.

In the end, as my husband has said multiple times, what matters more is getting right rather than getting it done on time. I’ve made a LOT of progress with the book this year and I am so excited to share the new edition with you, and I want the new covers to reflect the changes I’ve made and the way I now understand the book.

So stay tuned for the new edition, along with a blog post in the coming weeks explaining the new cover design in all of its glory and symbolism. Trust me, it is awesome, and totally worth the wait.

Worthy: See Yourself as God Sees You (yes, the tagline changed just a little bit) May 2016. Coming to an Amazon store and/or Kindle device near you.

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