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For far too long I put off editing the book. I’ve talked about it, written about it, dreamed about it, and then let it sit around, completely untouched. I kept making the excuse that I just didn’t have the time, so it never happened. When the new year came around, I vowed to spend at least two hours a week editing the book until it was done. Well, guess what? IT IS DONE.

The editing part at least. 🙂 I’ve combed through all of the chapters, editing the typos, taken a few things out, added things I’ve learned as both a wife and mother, and now all that remains is…

  • Legal name change on the book (since, you know, it is still in my maiden name…)
  • New cover design (SO excited about this!)
  • New head shot for the back cover
  • Fixing the pagination of the book – SUCH a pain. It took days to get it right last time around…and a few trips to the confessional. I nearly gave up on putting page numbers in at all. All that to say: pray for me? Please?

Since I want to re-release the book on the same date it originally came out, that means I’ve got a month FROM TODAY to get all that stuff done. While preparing for training for FOCUS, getting our house ready to rent, and slowly packing our lives to move to whichever campus we’ll be assigned to. No big deal, right?

I’ve put the book off this long and I’m not about to let it slide any further – not if I can help it! If all goes well – and with your prayers, of course! – the re-release should still happen on May 14, 2016 – three years after the original release date. I can’t wait, and I hope you all are getting as excited as I am!

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4 thoughts on “book Update!

  • emmary

    (i do some kindle publishing, so this is all from a more technical point of view, just as a disclaimer)

    in regards to the pagination: on amazon right now, it looks like the kindle version of your book lists page numbers, which you don’t want (pages vary based on the device your reader is using). current practice is to have a hyperlinked table of contents that allows to the reader to go to the chapter they want automatically. i can send you a link to a youtube video showing how to do so, if you would like.

    for the physical copy of the book (if you want the pages here numbered, it is probably best to have two different book files-one you upload to kindle and one you upload to createspace), you should be able to use Word to generate page numbers and a table of contents with page numbers fairly easily. have you tried this method? again, there are youtube videos that would be helpful.

    hope this was useful!

    • Amanda @ worthy of Agape Post author

      I have used Word to create page numbers, however, I don’t want them to appear on blank pages or the first page of a chapter and that is proving difficult.

      I hadn’t realized the page numbers don’t line up in the kindle format – thanks for the heads up!