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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m generally not a fan of new year’s resolutions, I much prefer more tangible goals – so that’s what I did for last year. Before I move on to planning for a fabulous 2016, I should probably finish checking in on how last year turned out:


-Get over my preconceived notions about pregnancy blogging and blog about my pregnancy, my thoughts – the good, the bad, and the ugly. – CHECK.

-Edit the typos in my book and get the cover changed to say Amanda Sloan instead of Amanda Mortus. I’d love to say I’m going to overhaul the book – which I’ve been dreaming of – but I’m trying to be realistic 😉 – NOT SO MUCH.


-Prepare for Monkey, finish setting up the nursery – CHECK.

-Finish reading an entire novel (I’ve currently started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so there’s hope) – CHECK.


-Have a baby. That’s pretty much my only goal (due date is the 24th). Not lose my mind waiting for her to be born. – CHECK.


-Shower weekly. Life with a newborn, y’all. – CHECK.

-Continue to write in my journal to my daughter AND write Anthony some good ole fashioned love notes. – CHECK.

-Baptize/confirm Monkey (Maronite Rite for the win!). – CHECK.


I’ll be honest: it is really hard to set goals much after April because I have no idea what life with a child will look like, much less how much sleep I’ll actually get.

-Blog about life with a baby and reflect on motherhood (ya know, with a baby on this side of the womb) – CHECK.


-Transition to Monkey staying home with Daddy (perks of being married to a teacher – built in summer daycare!) – CHECK.

-Blog about being a working mother (and don’t be so hard on myself) – CHECK.


-Take a family vacation –  CHECK.

-Work on actually overhauling the book (and when I say overhaul I mean there are things I want to change/add now that I’m married and see how Satan’s lies get at the heart of married women too) – NOT SO MUCH.


-Transition Monkey into some sort of daycare/Mommy and Daddy are both working routine – CHECK. 

-Not lose my mind. – CHECK.

-Set a bedtime routine for Monkey (and Mommy) and stick. to. it. – CHECK.

-Go to a concert. – CHECK.


-Despite returning to long days at work, I want to read another novel. I have a tendency to read only spiritual books (which is great, don’t get me wrong), but I want to read something just for fun, too. And not just baby books to my darling Monkey 😉 – CHECK (okay, I didn’t finish this until New Year’s Day, but I did it!)

-Help plan a women’s retreat. – CHECK.


-Go on said women’s retreat. – CHECK.

-Work out for at least 30 minutes at least twice a week. – CHECK. 


-Keep working out for at least 30 minutes a day, hopefully three times a week. – CHECK. Depending on the weather 😉

-Begin working on that side book-related project I’ve been dreaming about (details to come!) – NOT SO MUCH.


-Take loads and loads of pictures of Monkey’s first Christmas. – CHECK.

-Live life and maybe blog about it (specifically the holidays and how having a baby changes my perspective on holiday traditions) – 1/2 Check (I lived life but didn’t blog about the holidays with a baby)

-Take at least a day and just relax. Family time. No chores, no bills, no social media. Disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the world around me. – 1/2 Check. Took days to relax without chores, but never fully disconnected from the digital world.

To recap: I did pretty much everything…except the book stuff. It is a big time commitment and I need to break it down more.

And now…on to 2016!

January: Two nights a week, after Monkey is in bed, spend at least an hour editing/re-writing chapters of the book (continue this until the book is ready to go)

February: Go on at least one date night with Anthony <3. Consistently publish two blog posts a week.

March: Celebrate Monkey’s first birthday (even if it does fall on Good Friday)! Redesign the blog/format.

April: Finish reading another novel. Take a photography class – even a free one.

May: REPUBLISH BOOK UNDER MARRIED NAME. God willing, I’ll have it done by May 15th since that will be three years (!?!?!?) since it was originally published.

June: Read a spiritual book. Go on overnight trip (away from Monkey?) for our anniversary

July: Announce secret book-related project. Party big time for my baby brother’s wedding.

August: Survive the transition of Anthony going back to school. Take at least one small family road trip before he returns to work.

September: Pray about writing another book. (It is somewhere in my heart, I’m just not sure where…or what it will be about, but I need to spend some serious time discerning it)

October: Take a Mommy-Monkey day/road trip out of state. Adventure!

November: Start working on goals for 2017. Consistently write three blog posts a week, at least twice a month.

December: Establish/write down OUR family Christmas traditions, our goals for the Advent/Christmas seasons.

What are your goals for 2016?

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8 thoughts on “setting Goals. {2015 recap and 2016 plan}

  • Jen

    -Make a temperature afghan. Thankfully, Herrschners has good sales because my local Michael’s is sub-par and my ethics don’t allow me to shop at Hobby Lobby.

    -Potty-train the munchkin. Because autism and living skills.

    -Finish the various yarn things on my plate and make my parents their Christmas presents. I’ve got sock yarn for my mom’s striped socks and fleece to tie for my dad’s John Deere blankie. (My dad is a retired mechanical engineer and loves farm equipment so I get him all manner of John Deere things.) I also need to finish a stuffed animal for a friend who had a baby last year (aiming for the kiddo’s 1st birthday because I’ve managed to miss their birth and 6 month birthdays) and finish the munchkin’s big boy blankie.

    -Get my prayer life back on track.

  • AnneMarie

    You are Maronite Rite?!?!?!?!?!?! I think it’s pretty cool how they confirm infants-I used to not really get it as much, but I appreciate it a lot more now that I’ve thought it over and talked with people about it. Wow, you have had a full year! I’m never good with making resolutions, and I don’t even have many tangible goals for 2016 at this point (though maybe I should get to that) aside from giving birth this summer. Since this is baby #1, I really have no clue what life will look like once Baby is on this side of the womb, so I guess I’m kind of waiting to see what it’s all like before I make any realistic goals. Before then, I guess my biggest goals are to keep writing for some ongoing projects, and to slowly expand to submitting for different publications.

      • AnneMarie

        Ah, gotcha! I think that’s neat-your family can be enriched by both Faith traditions 🙂 I’m not Maronite, but when I was little, my dad randomly got a spiritual director who is a Maronite priest, so occasionally we would go there for the Holy Mysteries, and I really, really love Maronite spirituality and the history of the church. I’m also a bit obsessed with St. Charbel. But I never meet many non-Lebanese people who are familiar with the Maronites, so it’s cool to hear that your husband is one! 🙂