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I’m not a huge fan of teaser blog posts, or teaser anything, really. If somebody wants to say something, just let it out already! Knock it off with the suspense! And yet, here I am, writing a bit of a teaser…

There’s change on the horizon. Change for me. Change for my family. Change for the blog (don’t worry, if anything I’m going to be around more instead of the crickets you’ve been hearing as of late). Change for the book. For real.

It is the kind of change that means I’m walking out on the water, striving to trust instead of sink, no matter how much the waves may crash around me. Pray for me? I’m excited more than I am nervous, but the still a fair amount that is up in the air, though I know that God is leading all of this. Which means it is going to be beautiful.

Stay tuned…

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