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Dear Moms who bring their kids to daily Mass, Church, adoration, and other church-ly activities,

Thanks. Thanks for being an inspiration to women like me who are getting ready to start our own little screaming, crying, talk-whenever-they-want, make-all-kinds-of-bodily-noises brood. The fact that you bring your one (or seven, or somewhere in between) children to daily Mass with you gives me hope.Β 

I’m not going to lie, I can sometimes get distracted by the incredible cuteness of your children. I love when they say “AMEN” louder (and longer) than the rest of the congregation. The way they go up for communion, genuflect, and wait for Father to bless them is basically the cutest thing ever. And you know what? I even love when they scream and run around the church during Mass. I love it because they areΒ there, you areΒ there and together you are trying. So what if they don’t behave perfectly at every Mass? So what if they smack their lips in the back of the adoration chapel because it makes a cool noise? So what if your baby screams bloody murder before the choir starts playing the communion song? The fact of the matter is that you are there and you are witnessing to the beauty of children and of family. You are witnessing to the beauty of motherhood, and I for one couldn’t be more grateful.

There are days, as my own due date draws closer, that I wonder how on earth I’ll ever enjoy Mass again. But then I look at you and your kids, and even on the days they misbehave, those kids bring so much joy to Mass that I can’t help but be filled with hope. Instead of being filled with worry and dread, I see you teaching your kids about Mass, about Jesus, about the responses we sing and say and what a gift our priests are and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do the same with my kids.

For the record, I’m also sorry for all the times someone has given you nasty looks when your children are crying. I’m sorry for the priests who have told you – individually or from the pulpit – to take your kids to the cry room for the duration of Mass or who have suggested you leave your kids at home. I know it happens and it breaks my heart, because as a ‘Mom in waiting’ you and your family give me hope and remind me of the beauty of family and the vocation of marriage – a reminder we could all use a little more of, if you ask me. For every sneering face you see, I’d be willing to bet there are at least a few like me who are grateful that you are there – even if we don’t say it. You mothers (and fathers!) give us hope that life doesn’t end when we start a family and that faith can and does deepen when children come along.

So, because I know it doesn’t get said nearly enough, thank you. Thank you for coming to Mass with your children, bringing them to adoration and teaching them. The joy of their innocence and the strength of your vocation are truly an inspiration.

Love in Christ,


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  • Jen

    This mama of a beautiful child with autism (who cannot sit still if his life depends on it and *MUST* be slamming the sanctuary doors or flipping light switches) thanks you.

  • KimberlyE

    Thank YOU for sharing/saying this! It has been hard, for as well as my boys do behave on most occasions, there are times (and getting more frequent, as it seems) where I can barely keep it together because I’m managing the negotiation of books or who gets to sit on Papa’s lap, refereeing spontaneous wrestling matches, gently shushing happy squeals. And sometimes, by the time I feel like we’re back on track and able to redirect our attention to the front of the sanctuary, it’s time to stand for the Lord’s Prayer and I realized I missed half of the homily. And I wonder what in the world my husband and I (or our children) are actually getting out of being in church. And then I think of Father James’ (and Father Matt’s) comments to us before, about parents getting special graces just for being present during mass. And I think, “Ok, God. Bring it on. Because (clearly) I need this and I need YOU!” This past weekend was incredibly tough–my husband was working and so I was solo–and the kids seemed so out of control (I was outnumbered!), I don’t know how many times I said under my breath “Come, Holy Spirit. Come,” and was praying that the people in the pews behind us were willing to bestow some of those graces I was in such need of.
    Knowing that there are folks who do get something (positive) out of us being there (especially when the children are not behaving their best) does make a difference. Thank you for reminding us!

    • Amanda @ worthy of Agape

      πŸ™‚ Of course!! I wish people said it more often because I feel like so often Moms only hear about how annoying their children are or how they have their hands full. Children are SUCH a blessing to have at Mass, and I’m so glad they are there – it makes Mass so much more lively and really speaks to the Body and FAMILY of Christ. What would it be like if there were never any children in Mass? How utterly boring! (Not that the Mass isn’t exciting or wonderful because, duh, it is, but kids add an element to the community feel that simply can’t be replaced by anything else.)
      I wish I got to see your boys at Mass more often! You know I’d be there in the pews playing with them πŸ™‚

  • Marguerite

    I love all of the “noise” in church. I don’t have screemers/noise makers anymore, but feel so inspired by all the young blood and life in our parish.

  • Andrea

    Haha πŸ™‚ Our little Pio has just learned the effectiveness of the long and high pitched screech. Makes participating in Mass quite a different experience πŸ™‚ We are praying to his patron saint that he return to more peaceful and more manly noises πŸ™‚