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our love storyPart one and part two – just to catch you up ūüėČ

When last we’d left off, Anthony and I were¬†yet again not exactly speaking since I’d mentioned that I was seeing someone at the time.

Fast forward three weeks and the relationship I was in came to a screeching and heart-breaking end. In fact, the day the break up happened, I called in sick to work. The next day I dragged myself to work, if only to get out of my pajamas for a little while. When lunch time rolled around, I made my way down to the kitchen in the parish office. As I was waiting for my meal to heat up, I found myself staring out the window…at Mr. Sloan. I watched him teach his class outside – something I later found out that he almost never does – and was mesmerized. He had such control of his class and though I couldn’t hear a single word, I could tell that, like he did with me, he commanded so much respect from his students. As he taught, I could tell that¬†he was completely in his element, as though he were made for exactly what he was doing in that moment and in his profession. For those few minutes I forgot about my broken heart and mused to myself that it would be wonderful to end up with someone like him. I thought that perhaps I should actually¬†talk to him again when all at once my broken heart came to me and I realized it was far too soon to be jumping into another relationship. A coworker came into the kitchen and caught me staring. I tried to pass it off as nothing at all, but I just wanted to keep staring.

The school year ended a few weeks later, which I knew meant that I wouldn’t see Mr. Sloan the entire summer. Honestly, I was a little bummed. (Okay, more than just a little bummed.) Do teachers really hang out at the school during the summer? Of course not. My heart was slowly starting to heal and I kept going back to that day of staring at him out of the window. Though in reality I knew very little about him – other than the fact that¬†every single kid in my youth group wanted me to date him – I kept coming back to him in my mind.

Summer came and went and I found myself ready to date again…but Mr. Sloan seemed to have vanished. We worked close to each other but I didn’t see him again until…once again I was seeing someone else. Looking back I wonder why on earth I was with¬†someone else nearly¬†every time I ran into Mr. Sloan? Why? In any event, that other relationship was short lived, but at the end of it I was just so tired of the games and ridiculousness of dating. Naturally, my next logical step was to check out online dating sites.

I still remember ringing in 2013 on the couch with a friend and showing her¬†every single aspect of one guy’s profile. That guy? Mr. Sloan. Totally secular site, and yet there he was, just as intriguing as ever. We were a¬†99% match, y’all. There were a couple of other prospects, but it was like there was a big sign saying, “HE IS STILL OUT THERE!” But then, as quickly as his profile appeared, it was gone. Then one of those other prospects came along and yet again I was seeing someone else…

{Sometimes the road to love is long and winding. Sometimes it is quick and clear. It took Anthony and I a year and a half to actually get to our first date, despite the initial attraction. We’re getting close to our first date and I¬†promise it will be in next week’s installment!}

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