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Quick Takes


The blog hit 300 posts this week! Monday marked my 300th blog post ever (which is still a little mind boggling to me), and I celebrated with a new blog design and general sprucing up of ALL the pages! Take a look around and let me know what you think of the new design!

Also…if you are interested in guest posting, I’m currently looking for folks to write for the “just don’t say it” series. If you’ve got an idea for a post or you’d like to write a post, let me know!


The next week of my life looks to be crazy as summer ministry kicks into high gear! Today I’m leaving for the weekend for Steubenville of the Rockies with 10 teens from my parish. There will be around 2,500 teenagers at this weekend-long conference! I’ve been going to this conference/retreat since I was in high school, so to go as a youth minister is such a fun (and exhausting) treat! Pray for all of us, and that the hearts of the teenagers would be open to God working in their lives (same goes for the volunteers and youth ministers – it takes a LOT of work to pull this weekend off!)! Also, pray that altitude sickness doesn’t get to anyone – people come from all over the country for this conference, and many of them are not used to Denver altitudes. Sad day.

Next week (Tuesday – Friday) I’ll be running Vacation Bible School at my parish. We’ve got a good bunch of kids signed up and I’m excited about it, but I also know that coming off of a retreat weekend tends to leave me tired and usually sick. Prayers that it all goes well would be much appreciated!


Gold starHey, look at that! The book got its very first review on Amazon…and it got FIVE STARS! I’m so excited and I love hearing what y’all think of the book! Don’t forget to head on over to Amazon and leave some lovin’ on the reviews once you are done (or hate on it…just be honest!). If you are so inspired, feel free to review the book on your own blog, I’d love to share your posts! Let’s be honest, I’m biased because I wrote the book, but your thoughts are important!

If you haven’t gotten a copy yet…it is STILL on sale on Amazon, and you can always buy signed copies from me!


Philosophical question for you…would you rather be wanted or needed? I suppose it depends on who I’m talking about, but run with the question! By your significant other: wanted or needed? By your best friend? Your parents? Your children? I’ve been thinking about the difference lately and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Quote from the book this week comes from…the middle of the book 😉

“God knows that there have been hundreds of thousands of books written on suffering. There are books about why we suffer, how to avoid suffering, how to deal with suffering, and probably even how to make others suffer. I daresay there are not enough good books out there on moving forward from pain and suffering. It isn’t enough to move on from pain and suffering, nor is it enough to simply survive suffering. I refuse to believe that suffering is something we must simply endure, like a bad root canal. God, in His loving mercy, wants to heal us through and from our sufferings.”


Song of the week is…“Save Me San Francisco” by Train. It is catchy and fun and makes me want to go on a road trip! Enjoy!



Scripture verse of the week is…the verse that is the theme of the Steubenville conferences this summer: 1 John 4:19.

“We love because he first loved us.”

Until next time 😉

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12 thoughts on “quick takes: retreat weekend Edition.

  • bonnieengBonnie

    I suppose that what I’d like is that when there is a need it is me that my kids and husband *want*. Unless it’s for me to be the one to change the poopy diaper, then I hope they want someone else. 😉

  • Aaron L

    A priest I know has said in his homilies “God doesn’t NEED you; He didn’t need to create you… We can rejoice in this fact because that means that He WANTS you.” So I would prefer to be wanted over needed if that’s how God has it.

    I think it’s important to note that we *prefer* being wanted over being needed instead of us *wanting* to be wanted. We have to be careful; one of the prayers from the litany of humility highlights this by asking for the grace to desire that “others may be preferred to me in everything.”

    • Amanda @ worthy of Agape

      Aaron, those are all great thoughts! I’ve heard the thought about God not needing us before. At first it sounds a bit depressing, but it is actually quite wonderful because we realize that God truly desires each one of us!

  • DianaJordanOP3

    One of the toughest questions for me, for I had this conversation with my husband a few times, especially after my great-uncle’s passing and the issue I had with a certain friendship. In her mind she only (still does sometimes) comes around when she thinks she is needed and then escapes when the issue or emotional roller coaster is over. I never needed her there, I wanted her there. To me need is obligation that be done without thought. When I took care of my great-uncle it was never I needed to do it, it was I wanted to it. So, in return I would hope that people would want me and not need me. Need also becomes like a leech, it sucks the victim dry and relationships are torn because they cannot take the constant ‘you are only going to be there because you think it is a need’ you would like them to want to be around you.

    If that doesn’t make any sense I do apologize.

    • Amanda @ worthy of Agape

      That makes a lot of sense, and I agree with needs can suck a relationship dry. Sometimes we do need others, but they should be balanced with a sincere desire for the other person outside of whatever you need from the other person. Good thoughts!

  • LauraMarieForLife

    I’d rather be wanted, but at the same time people don’t always need what they want. So that might not be very helpful. I do a lot of things that are needed that people might not necessarily want, but it’s necessary work. As far as people, though, I would much rather be wanted by a person than to be needed. Good question!

  • Olivia @ To the Heights

    1. So many congratulations on your 300th post! I’ve gotten to mosey around your site and it looks terrific!
    2. Have so much fun at the conference! I’ll keep y’all in my prayers. I wish I could get to one of those- hopefully I’ll be able to bring my kids next summer!
    3. Worthy absolutely deserves 5 stars. It’s too good.
    4. You’ve got me with that question. My initial reaction is to be wanted. Because we don’t always desire the things we need (I don’t always desire the healthiest foods, exercise, prayer, etc.), but we always want the things we want. Does that make sense? And I think I’d prefer to be wanted. But I’ll have to think on that and let you know if it changes 😉
    6. Save Me San Fran is a great summer song for the first official day of the season! Get it girl!

    • Amanda @ worthy of Agape

      1. Thank you – I still can’t believe I’ve written 300…well, more than that will the guest posts on other people’s sites. God is constantly blowing my mind!
      2. I will! It never fails that the day I have to leave I realllyyy don’t want to go, but once I get to a retreat I remember how much I love my job and being able to witness God touching the hearts of teenagers, just like He once did to me! You should definitely go to one of the conferences!
      3. Aww, thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying it!
      4. That actually makes a lot of sense! We don’t always want the things we need, but also as a person, I have a desire to be wanted because in some way that seems more genuine. Usually if someone needs me it is because I can do something for them, not necessarily because they enjoy me as a person. Does that make sense? Think on it and let me know! =)
      6. Right!? I just want to jam out to it while driving down an open road on a cloudless day!