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I read a post recently that encouraged readers to share God’s unconditional love with the people in their lives.  The post said that we should show and tell people that they are worthy of love – imagine how that struck a chord with me!  I figured this would be a lovely post for Valentine’s Day (and every day after that).  Below I’ve put together some simple ideas on how to show God’s love to others.  Please feel free to add your own in the comment box – I’d love to see a really long list!

sharing Agape

  • Pay for someone’s coffee.  The next time you are at a coffee shop, pay the person in line behind you, whether you know them or not.
  • Mail someone a card when it isn’t their birthday.  Snail mail is awesome!
  • Send your mother a heartfelt card thanking her for all she does for you.
  • Send a friend a dozen roses just because.
  • Make a mixed CD for a friend going through a rough time, include songs that bring you comfort.
  • Compliment someone in line at a store, or on the bus.
  • After Mass tell someone near you that they have a lovely singing voice.
  • Tell an old friend that you miss them – a simple text or e-mail works great.
  • Offer up Mass for a friend
  • Pick one friend a pray for them for a week – Mass, rosaries, adoration, candle in a church, whatever.  At the end of the week send them a note with what you prayed for them.
  • Mail a friend a care package – you know the kind, filled with goodies and love.
  • The next time you go to a friend’s house, leave them a handwritten note telling them how awesome they are.  Hide it some place they will find it later – the back of the fridge, the silverware drawer, their bathroom mirror, etc.
  • Look your friends in the eyes when they talk.
  • Don’t be afraid to start a random dance party.  Break out Taylor Swift songs if all else fails.
  • Surprise a friend for/with lunch.
  • Mail someone a gift certificate for a car wash.
  • Hand make 12 cards and mail one each month to a different friend.
  • Randomly pick someone in a restaurant and pay for their meal.
  • When in doubt, give someone chocolate.  Make sure they aren’t lactose intolerant first!
  • Next time you are on a plane, don’t put your headphones in – talk to the person sitting next to you!
  • Write on your friend’s Facebook wall and tell them how awesome they are.
  • Give someone a small prayer book – it is a thoughtful gift that shows you care.

What are some of your favorite little ways to show or receive love?

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  • windowinthesky88

    My favorite little ways are normally that phone call to someone who lives far away. Another would be the little notes I write to my husband. (We do write notes to each other when we can.) The random hugs are another thing I love giving. Lastly, I show love by letting those who need prayers who ask for them, I am not just saying I am praying for them, that I am truly praying for them.