Monthly Archives: December 2011

I really dislike New Year’s resolutions.  Years ago I decided they were pretty dumb and I hardly ever kept them, let alone remembered them by the end of January, so I stopped making them.  Instead, I’d rather reflect on what I’ve learned in a year’s time.  I’ve come to realize […]

looking Back.

…and, eventually, the found. I’ve been writing this blog in my head for at least a week now and yet I still have no idea where to truly begin.  My usual Wednesday mini-series, be it excuses or songs, is always changing (in case you hadn’t figured that out yet), and […]

confessions of the Lost…

Fair warning: if you are an only child you probably won’t completely understand this blog.  Just use your imagination =) I feel like I should start with a few other important disclaimers, but I’m going to skip them all.  We all want to be the favorite child in our family […]

the favorite One.

We all have them: battle wounds.  Perhaps we haven’t all been to war, but we all have our battle wounds from being alive.  I’ve heard it said that life is a dance and you learn as you go – what a beautiful idea…if you lived in a bubble.  Life is […]

these wounds that Stay.

Earlier this week I blogged about stability and our lack thereof and that the only true stability that we ever find in this life is found deep in the heart of God.  Even as I wrote that blog a song came to mind, one that I’ve loved for years, one […]


Dear Stability, Where have you gone?  Were you ever really here?  I’d like some part of you, not even necessarily all of you (though that would be fabulous).  I’d like a place of my own to call home, not some place to rent, but some place to own.  I’d like […]

dear Stability

It never ceases to amaze me just how many similarities there are between my relationship with Mr. Irish and my relationship with God.  In my mind those continuing similarities are only further proof that marriage is indeed a beautiful vocation, no less important than religious life or priesthood, as many people often […]

diving In.